[PODCAST] The Latest News and Corvette Headlines on the Corvette Today Podcast


[PODCAST] The Latest News and Corvette Headlines on the Corvette Today Podcast

Photo Credit: Chevrolet.com

With the reveal of the new mid-engine C8 Z06 next week, this CORVETTE TODAY News & Headlines episode is a “must-listen-to” podcast!

Your CORVETTE TODAY host, Steve Garrett, teams up again with Keith Cornett from CorvetteBlogger.com to bring you the hottest headlines in the world of Corvette…including the latest on the C8 Z06 reveal on October 26th! Here are a few of the topics covered in this podcast:

  1. The C8 Z06 will make its public debut at the Petersen Automotive Museum on October 26
  2. GM makes a change to 2022 Corvette ordered with Z51 and the high wing
  3. C8 Corvette ranked 2nd on the list of the fastest-selling cars in September 2021
  4. C8 E-Rays are testing in Colorado and outside the Nurburgring in Germany
  5. A 95-year-old WWII veteran is moved to the head of the line to get his 2022 Corvette
  6. Mazzanti to build a Corvette-powered Italian supercar with 761 horsepower
  7. A truckload of C8’s goes up in flames
  8. Watch a video of BGA building right-hand drive C8 Corvettes

You’ll know everything we know when you listen to this CORVETTE TODAY podcast!

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  1. Greetings Keith,
    Can watch the Z06 reveal online or on the TV on October 26?
    Thanks, Ed Letzring

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