[SPIED] C8 Corvette E-Rays are Testing in Colorado


[SPIED] C8 Corvette E-Rays are Testing in Colorado

Photo Credit: Alex Kalkman / Colorado Car Spotters Facebook Page

What’s the time? E-Ray Time!

We found a Corvette engineering team out in Colorado this week and it looks like they are testing the C8 Corvette E-Rays.

I came across a YouTube video posted yesterday showing a gaggle of C8 prototypes in Silverthorne, Colorado. There was a group of six C8 prototypes that looks like they were parked in a hotel parking lot. While most still had a heavy car cover draped over them, two of the cars were shown wearing light camo only. We can also see one of the covered cars has the corner-mounted exhaust peeking out as well. There are also two C8 Stingrays in the group, one in Black and the other in Rapid Blue.

The guy who got the video did a live stream on YouTube as he was recording. We got a laugh because he was talking about the security guard telling him he couldn’t record the cars and just as he says that, he adds “Oh, they just flipped me off which is good!

The video quality isn’t that great, but the video’s preview pic shows the widebody C8s with the corner-mounted exhaust, and you can see the red testing ports mounted just about the exhaust outlets.

After watching the video, I headed over to Facebook and the Colorado Car Spotters Page, and sure enough there was another sighting earlier today also in Summit County. These photos were posted by Alex Kalkman who says there were four cars in the group. What’s interesting about Alex’s photos is the two-tone wrap job on the cars and if you look closely at the frunk, is that a cabinet door pull attached?

[SPIED] C8 Corvette E-Rays are Testing in Colorado

[SPIED] C8 Corvette E-Rays are Testing in Colorado

Photo Credits: Alex Kalkman / Colorado Car Spotters Facebook Page

Did the C8 E-Ray Get a Nose Job?

E-Ray Nose Job?

Finally, we are saving the best sighting for last which we learned about from our friends at the Vette Titan’s Facebook page.

A gal named Kat Sears spotted a prototype driving in Silverthorne and got this video as she drove past it. Originally posted to the Colorado Cars and Coffee Facebook Group, she remarks “Is it just me or is this thing not making any noise??? In Silverthorne again today.” Once again you can see that handle mounted on the frunk, and is that nose different than the C8 Z06?

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  1. The first video was taken by a Corvette expert. Despite the clever attempts by GM to disguise these cars as C8s, the videographer was keen enough to pick up on the fact that they were actually C6s.

  2. If the E Ray is all electric then what are they calling the C8 Hybrid AWD? Grand Sport because it will be a stronger car then the NSX or are all the writers that talk about the Hybrid to lazy to find out?

  3. Don’t care if it makes 6000 horsepower NEVER!!!!!!!!!! All you woke corporations quit shovin your agendas down our throats!


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