Corvettes for Sale: COPO 1968 Corvette Convertible on eBay


Corvettes for Sale: COPO 1968 Corvette Convertible on eBay

If you’re looking for a rare ’68 Corvette, you might want to check out this convertible being offered on eBay by the third owner.

The car is a COPO (Central Office Production Order) model, a way that muscle car enthusiasts used to be able to get custom cars through the factory.

This Stingray – special-ordered in late 1967 through Brown & Hoeye Chevrolet in Mesa, Arizona – was built at the St. Louis factory on Jan. 2, 1968.

Corvettes for Sale: COPO 1968 Corvette Convertible on eBay

What makes it so rare is that the seller – who’s owned the car for the past seven years – claims it to be the only ’68 Corvette out of the 28,566 built that was delivered to the original owner in Unknown Special Paint or Primer with the paint code of 001.

He says the car was never intended to remain that way and now has a “beautiful” white exterior with the original Saddle interior still in place and still in excellent condition nearly 54 years later. He claims that color interior wasn’t an option listed for 1968 Corvettes.

Corvettes for Sale: COPO 1968 Corvette Convertible on eBay

Also still in place is the original numbers-matching L79 327/350 horsepower engine, hooked to the original four-speed Muncie manual transmission.

“The drivetrain and the interior are mostly untouched,” the seller says, “and all original to the car.”

We especially love the look of a C3 convertible with the hardtop in place, and this car includes the optional matching hardtop said to have only been used for transporting so there are no rub marks on the top deck.

Corvettes for Sale: COPO 1968 Corvette Convertible on eBay

“The tank sticker is still on the fuel tank to verify all original options,” he adds, “so you know you are getting the real deal.”

Those options include four-season air conditioning, headrests, shoulder harness restraints, power steering, four-wheel disc brakes, telescopic steering wheel, and AM/FM stereo.

Other documents that are included with the sale and help to authenticate the car are the Protect-O-Plate and all paperwork from the previous two owners.

Corvettes for Sale: COPO 1968 Corvette Convertible on eBay

“This near flawless COPO classic is breathtaking,” says the third owner. “There will be no disappointments for the new owner.”

The car spent all of its life in Arizona and northern California until the current owner bought it in 2014 and shipped it to Texas, where he has driven it only 300 miles “just to keep all fluids moving through the motor and making sure that the car is functioning as it should.”

So far, the car hasn’t drawn any activity on eBay, where the starting bid is listed at $48,000. The auction runs through Tuesday at 9 p.m.

Corvettes for Sale: COPO 1968 Corvette Convertible on eBay

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  1. Well primered cars were ordered because they were going to be raced or because the owner wanted to paint the car a wild color. If this car was ever going to be judged it would have to be in primer as it came from the factory

  2. I would question that trim tag. It sure looks new and so do the rivets holding it. I would want Classic Car Affirmation Services to examine and confirm it before I would believe its information.

  3. Its obvious the trim tag matches the tank sticker, and it’s not uncommon to remove the trim tag prior to painting. If this was a trashed out car a new looking trim tag would be out of place. This car shows to be a very well kept so I see no issue.

  4. Never heard of a trim tag being removed for painting they were either taped over or painted right over. Nothing on the tank sticker says it is the car. You can modify the car to match the sticker

  5. RJ
    I kept a pic of the tank sticker from the ebay listing that states the paint as 81001XA Primer
    also show saddle vinyl interior that was discontinued for 1968 corvette interiors. No other 1968 corvettes have ever been talked about with these characteristics until this car shows up after 50 years. I read the online article about this car from the original owner that documents this car from day one. Very unusual and rare corvette.

  6. The car sold at Barrett Jackson has a VIN ending in 9384. It is a green exterior color, very nice condition and sold in March of 2021 for the ridiculous high price of $214K. This car VIN ends in 8086. It’s white and in good condition. Obviously 2 different cars. If only one car with 001 paint code through the COPO system was made, then one of these has a fake paint code plate. Either this car is worth a lot of $ and the buyer of the B J car really got fooled, plus B J didn’t do their proper research marketing it, or this car is a nice small block corvette, worth about $25-$35K. Am I wrong anywhere on this?


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