[SPIED] More Hotel Parking Lot Action with the Corvette Engineering Team and C8 Z06 Mules


[SPIED] More Hotel Action with the Corvette Engineering Team and C8 Z06 Mules

Photo Credit: Roger in Texas

On Tuesday, we shared with you the first real confirmation we have that the C8 Corvette Z06 would be available as a Convertible after a Chevy engineering team was spied testing in Ohio. In that encounter, we noted the C8 Z06 prototypes have finally ditched their heavy black camouflage and one of the convertibles actually had the top down.

Today we received more video that we believe was shot the following morning as the engineers were rolling out of the parking lot of their hotel. The video comes from a gent named Roger who shared it with his friend Paul who posted the video to the MidEngineCorvetteForum.com. Roger just happened to be staying at the same hotel outside of Columbus, Ohio, and as he is on a list for the C8 Z06 with his dealer, he knew exactly what he was witnessing.

[SPIED] More Hotel Parking Lot Action with the Corvette Engineering Team and C8 Z06 Mules

In his post on the MECF, Paul aka psmithzr1 shared the following:

Roger checked into the hotel outside Columbus, Ohio Tuesday night and noticed a C8 parked out back. Upon further investigation, lo and behold four Z06 test mules were staying in the hotel. Roger is on the list to buy a C8 Z06 so is very aware of this car.

Next morning Roger was able to listen to them as they left the hotel parking lot and accelerate onto the freeway. The exhaust sound of four of the Z06’s was exceptional! The last one drove by leaving the parking lot in silent mode, no exhaust sound, even getting up on the freeway. Apparently moving under all-electric power. Assuming the E Ray.

Here are some photos and video Roger was able to take. Security was very tight.

We see from the photo Roger took from his room that there were indeed five prototypes lined up along the back wall, but unfortunately, we only have the four Z06s in the video below. We’re still waiting for someone to capture the E-Ray in “silent-running” mode and based on Roger’s comments, that could happen at any time.

Our friend John from the MECF says the driver of the first Z06 is Senior Corvette Engineer Mike Hurley, and like John did on the MECF, we’d like to give a public shoutout and a thank you for your work in making the Corvette Z06 the best it can be!!


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  1. Curious as to why Roger was able to video the 4 Z06 prototypes driving by but was not able to video the last prototype driving by in “silent mode”. Or maybe he was able to, but is looking to receive a nice sum before handing over that portion of the video!

  2. I always get a kick at how these ‘enthusiasts’ always just happen to be at the right places at the right times…to include back country roads…

    Just like how, within 48 hours of all of us seeing the C8.R spy shots at Road America for the first time back in 2019, “chazcron” whipped up some renderings that were strikingly near dead-on accurate to what we all got to know as the Z51 C8 many months later!

    GM needs to make a better cover story for its PR people who are releasing this particular content!

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