[PIC] Another Easter Egg Discovered on Chevy’s C8 Corvette Z06 ‘Save the Date’ Teaser


[PIC] Another Easter Egg Discovered on Chevy's C8 Corvette Z06 'Save the Date' Teaser

It’s the teaser video that keeps on teasing!

It was nearly a month ago that Chevrolet dropped the latest teaser video for the 2023 Corvette Z06. It’s called ‘Save the Date” and its purpose was to announce the official reveal date of the C8 Z06 for Tuesday, October 26th. That video shows the Z06 prototype making its way from the Nurburgring to Le Mans where it ended up parked side-by-side with Corvette Racing’s C8.R race car.

We’ve already shared one Easter Egg from that teaser which we believe reveals the colors of Red Mist Metallic and Amplify Orange as the two exterior colors that will be featured on the official Z06 reveal cars. We came to that conclusion based on the crossed-flag logos that appeared at several instances and those two colors were flanked by Accelerate Yellow and Hypersonic Gray which we believe represent the two C8.Rs. Like the reveal of the C7 Z06 that was flanked by the C7.R, we expect the C8.Rs to be featured during the official reveal as well.

Here is the Save the Date teaser video for the 2023 Corvette Z06:

As we were breaking down that teaser, I did note that there was also a sketch of the car embedded in the video, but I never followed it to its logical conclusion. Yesterday, I see that our friend Clarence Garner Jr posted a new YouTube video which shows the individual scenes where the sketch is on-screen, and on the Corvette Forum is the image above which brings the four sketches together to make the full drawing of the Z06 Coupe.

There is also an instance where the full sketch appears on the screen and that’s at the very beginning of the video:

[PIC] Another Easter Egg Discovered on Chevy's C8 Corvette Z06 'Save the Date' Teaser

While the inclusion of the sketch does increase the cool-factor of the teaser for having the Easter Eggs, it isn’t something that reveals anything new to us, at least at this time. But if you see something we are missing, say something!


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  1. It is my hope they don’t limit the colors I can choose for MY Z06. Most offered currently for the C8 are boring and, what I call, “so what” colors. I was devastated when they dropped the ZEUS BRONZE. Now that was a great color. I drove a 2014 Lime Rock Green Premier Edition for 6 years and it dazzled at car show and on the street. Women loved it. Now I’ve got, basically, one color CAFFINE which, from what I’ve seen via videos, is a serious metallic which may sooth my soul a bit. Why are we trying to emulate Lambos with their ridiculous colors. CORVETTE is AMERICAN car and we should forge out own path, color wise.

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