[VIDEO] Enjoy Nearly 12 Minutes of 2023 Corvette Z06 On-Track Footage from the Nurburgring


[VIDEO] Enjoy Nearly 12 Minutes of 2023 Corvette Z06 On-Track Footage from the Nurburgring

Screen Shot Credit: Automotive Mike

Are we having fun this week, or what!

Of course, I am talking about all the great sights and sounds coming out of Germany (and Le Mans) with the nearly-undisguised 2023 Corvette Z06 taking to the Nurburgring for extensive ride and handling testing by Corvette’s engineers.

Like the engineers and drivers who are doing the actual testing, every time we see these cars we are learning something new about them. Today it was the reveal of the Z06 base model which is being tested alongside what we believe will be the Z06 with the Z07 Performance Package as we incorporate previous Z06 RPOs to describe the current models.

Here is a new video just posted to YouTube on Tuesday afternoon from a ‘Ring watcher named Automotive Mike whose videos have been featured here previously. Mike has a great microphone setup and captures both Z06 models both coming and going around 12.9-mile circuit. Unlike the first video to pop up on our radar earlier today, this nearly 12-minute is totally dedicated to the upcoming sports car.

Automotive Mike / YouTube

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  1. The Zo6 rocks! It is going to shake up the supercar world, not just in the car’s sound! A sub 6:50 time for sure! If the new GT3 runs a 6:55 granted they have a ringer for a driver, the Z06 just needs a ringer too! One of the factory drivers might just fit the bill! Awesome job GM! The biggest game changer in the history of the corvette!

  2. It makes a lot of noise, unfortunately it doesn’t sound like a Corvette! Much like the Ford GT and it’s turbo V6 doesn’t sound like a Ford GT. The only difference being this is a V8. American cars sound too European these days imo. On the plus side it looks extremely fast and we’ll composed.

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