Corvettes for Sale: 1969 Corvette 427 with Air on eBay


Corvettes for Sale: 1969 Corvette 427 on eBay

Kudos to the widow of the original owner of this 1969 Corvette coupe for sharing the story behind this very sharp one-owner car on a short video.

After her husband passed away, this Stingray – the “pride and joy” of her husband – spent the next 15 years “largely forgotten” in the garage.

However, a new owner recently took possession and has gotten this Baldwin Motion-inspired custom Corvette roadworthy once again. Now it’s attracted 57 bids that have climbed to $25,401 with the no-reserve auction slated to end Thursday at 8:30 p.m.

Corvettes for Sale: 1969 Corvette 427 with Air on eBay

The original owner bought the car from Harry Mann Chevrolet in Los Angeles after serving in the military, and it’s apparently stayed in the area ever since. His first job as a civilian was working for the legendary Mickey Thompson in the race engine department, and naturally enough, he quickly made some bold changes to his own car, including the addition of silver paint all over, touches of black paint to the rear section and the hood, large fender flares, and custom U.S. Mags.

Soon afterwards, he began dating his wife, the woman we see in the video today, and she tells how he frequently took the car to the local famous drag strip Lions in Long Beach.

Corvettes for Sale: 1969 Corvette 427 with Air on eBay

He eventually left Mickey Thompson and moved on to a more stable job in the health care industry, and the Corvette then sat most of its life, occasionally being worked on by his friends. When the car was moved out of the garage where it had been stored the past 15 years, close neighbors came over to visit and shared stories including how everyone on the block knew exactly when the guy made it home from work!

Today, the new owner admits the car hasn’t been totally restored but proclaims it to be in good shape after being garaged its entire life in LA. “The interior is 100% bone stock and original,” he says in the listing. “Under the hood is very clean and presents well for being a well taken care of car. Everything works as it should including the buzzer when the door opens. Windows and headlights work as well. Electrical in working shape, even the reverse lights.”

Corvettes for Sale: 1969 Corvette 427 with Air on eBay

Speaking of under the hood, the first owner was wise to select the L36 427/390 horsepower V8 engine that now includes side exhaust with headers, Holley Double Pump Carburetor, original 3947801 390HP intake, and custom M/T valve covers. It also features an M21 four-speed manual transmission and factory air.

The seller points out “the underneath is what you expect of a California Black Plate Classic that has been garaged,” with a “super straight” body, though he admits the silver paint (added by the original owner over the factory Riverside Gold) is “a little faded” now on the deck and hood but he’s “sure it can be polished out to bring back the color.”

Corvettes for Sale: 1969 Corvette 427 with Air on eBay

To get the car back on the road again, the new owner drained all fluids, including the gas (101 octane required, by the way); rebuilt the Holley carburetor; installed a new correct HD Vette battery; and added all new fluids, whereupon the car “started right up and drove off.”

This car isn’t perfect, but we think it represents a time in Corvette history that will soon be gone, if the special touches on custom Stingrays like this are erased. We never have particularly been a big fan of the Motion look, but on this car, we think it looks great and adds some needed pizazz.

What would you do with this car?

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