Build Your Own Race Team with the Franklin Mint’s 1960 Corvette Le Mans Racers


Build Your Own Race Team with the Franklin Mint's 1960 Corvette Le Mans Racers

Photo Credit: Franklin Mint

Our new friends at the Franklin Mint recently reached out to let us know that they’ve just launched models of all three of the 1960 Cunningham Le Mans racing Corvettes. All three cars can be preordered now from their website with expected delivery in September.

The story of the 1960 Le Mans racing effort is well known in the Corvette community. 1960 was the first time Corvette had competed at the world’s most prestigious road race. Racer Briggs Cunningham procured 3 1960 Corvettes and prepped them for the grueling 24-hours of Le Mans. All three cars wore traditional Cunningham white with blue racing stripes. They were virtually identical save for the headlight covers. The #1 car wore white covers, the #2 had blue covers, and the #3 sporting a red set.

Build Your Own Race Team with the Franklin Mint’s 1960 Corvette Le Mans Racers

Bill Kimberley drove the #1 Corvette while Dr. Dick Thompson and Fred Windridge piloted the #2 car. John Fitch and Bob Grossman handed the #3 Corvette. While the #1 and #2 cars had issues throughout the race, the #3 went on to win its class and ended up 8th overall. A stunning result for a brand new Corvette racing team.

Today, all three cars are well known. The #2 car has been in a prominent California collection for years and the #3 car was located several years ago and resides with the Miller family in Carlisle, PA who show it often. Its discovery, restoration, and return to Le Mans was documented in The Quest documentary – a must-see for any Corvette enthusiast.

Build Your Own Race Team with the Franklin Mint’s 1960 Corvette Le Mans Racers

The #1 car has the oddest history of all 3 Cunningham cars. It was by found Lance Miller, revealed at Corvettes at Carlisle in 2012, and sold to Kevin Mackay. Shortly thereafter, the chaos of lawsuits and various ownership claims took over and the car was eventually auctioned last May at Amelia Island. It’s currently being prepped for its return to its 1960 Le Mans livery.

While very few of us can afford the real-life cars’ 7-figure price tags, we now have a chance to collect all three cars in 1:18 scale form. The Franklin Mint has just opened preorders on ALL three of the famous 1960 Le Mans Corvettes. The sealed resin cars feature rubber tires and highly detailed chassis and interiors like we’ve come to expect on all Franklin Mint models. Each car measures in at 10 inches long by 4 inches wide by 3 inches high.

Build Your Own Race Team with the Franklin Mint’s 1960 Corvette Le Mans Racers

You can check out the individual 1960 Le Mans Corvettes here:

Each car retails for $269.99 which can be broken up into 4 payments of $67.50 should you so desire. Grab yours now as we’re sure this set will sell out quickly. Buy one or buy all three!

The Franklin Mint

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