Kerbeck Sells World’s Largest Corvette Franchise to Ciocca Dealerships


Kerbeck Sells World's Largest Corvette Franchise to Ciocca Dealerships

Photo Credit: Andrew Hoff

Ciocca Dealerships announced that it has acquired three automotive dealerships from the Kerbeck family in Atlantic City which includes Kerbeck Corvette, the world’s largest Corvette franchise for the last 27 years. The new Corvette store will be called Ciocca Corvette of Atlantic City.

Ciocca Corvette (pronounced see-oh-ca) says it will keep that tradition of Corvette sales in Atlantic City as nearly all the members of the current Corvette sales team will continue under the new ownership group.

“Everyone is excited to become involved in the community and meet our new customers and team members in Atlantic City,” Ciocca Dealerships CEO and founder Gregg Ciocca said. “The energy and growth in this area made this an exciting opportunity to add to our family of dealerships.”

Gregg Ciocca founded the dealership group back in the 1970s by selling cars out of the family’s home garage. After growing a number of used car dealerships, he acquired his first new car dealership in 1993. Today, Ciocca Dealerships has 24 locations in Pennsylvania and New Jersey with 16 unique brands that account for $1 billion in annual sales.

Kerbeck Sells World's Largest Corvette Franchise to Ciocca Dealerships

Photo Credit: Andrew Hoff

The purchase from Kerbeck includes the Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, and Cadillac brands that are located together at 430 N Albany Ave in Atlantic City. In addition to the focus on Corvettes, this will be their first Cadillac dealership under the Ciocca name.

“Our goal is to continue the excellent service Kerbeck provided to its customers over the past 100 years,” Ciocca said. “We look forward to delivering that top-quality service to new existing customers in the years ahead.”

We reached out to Dave Salvatore who has managed the Corvette sales team at Kerbeck for years. Dave tells us that he and the six Corvette specialists will all be part of Ciocca Corvette of Atlantic City and they will continue selling Corvette Stingray’s at MSRP.

“Ciocca is keeping Kerbeck’s allocations and everyone who has a current order will see no changes,” said Salvatore. “All deposits will be honored and it should be a seamless transition as the Kerbeck family wants to see continued success from the Atlantic City dealerships.”

The new URL for the dealership will be

Ciocca Dealerships

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  1. Change isn’t always a good thing. Kerbeck built a solid reputation over the last 27 years. Now with this new company taking over you don’t know what to expect from them? I highly doubt that they will be able to accomplish what Kerbeck accomplished over the last two and a half decades plus. It’s sad to see all these dealers eventually get out of the business or sell it off to another dealer group or in some cases go out of business completely.

  2. SHOCKER!!! Kerbeck has a winning combination with their Corvette sales. Hope the new folks improve on what’s working already.

  3. The end of an era!

    I agree change isn’t always good. Hopefully they keep the Toys for Tots run tradition in the fall. Going to miss seeing Charlie Kerbeck do his infomercials too.

  4. It will be better than before. Like Kerbeck was at the beginning, you have a guy who’s vision started out of his family garage in the 70’s and grew his business one dealership at a time, and believe me, this new team knows what time it is.

  5. the trouble with these multi brands dealerships is the ones making money have to chip in to help support the ones not doing good and both suffer. money is fungible

  6. What about the collection of vintage Chevrolets including the 53 Corvette that Kerbeck owns ?

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