[PICS] New Corvette Owner Shares Timeline of His Journey from Deposit to Delivery


[PICS] New Corvette Owner Shares Timeline of His Journey from Deposit to Delivery

Photo Credit: James Fowler

For those of you who have ordered a new Corvette and are now waiting for any indication that your order is moving forward, just continue to hang in there as it will be worth it in the end. Talking with buyers over the last year, we know this a bit of an emotional journey fraught with unknowns, and though you talk with others about the process, it may still be a bit confusing.

On the Facebook page Corvette C8 World, James Fowler of Georgia just received his new 2021 Rapid Blue C8 Corvette and it arrived amazingly fast once it was available to ship from the assembly plant. But even more illustrative is that James kept a visual timeline and tracked the key dates of his order from when he put a deposit down on August 1, 2020, until his delivery on April 16th.

We think sharing this will help others more easily understand the various events and levels your order travels until the car arrives at your dealership.

[PICS] New Corvette Owner Shares Timeline of His Journey from Deposit to Delivery

James placed his deposit on the car on August 1, 2020, and it sat at Event Code 1100 until January 29, 2021. The 2021 model year production started in December and his order was officially picked up at the end of January with Event Code 2000, and then it jumped to Event Code 3000 a week later when it “Accepted by Production Control” on February 3rd. However, that’s when the plant would shut down for two weeks and then would also be closed for the third week in early March. On March 29, two months after order acceptance, he received Event Code 3300 “Scheduled for Production” and a week later on April 6th it was at 3400, “Broadcast for Production.”

James’s Corvette was officially produced on April 13th (3800) and following all quality control checks, it was released for shipping on April 15 (4000). It would ship immediately to his dealership in Georgia, which delivered the car to James (6000) on April 16th.

That last part of his order happened just like clockwork and it helps to have your dealer located within a few hours drive of the Assembly Plant. We know others may see delays once it’s available for shipping depending on their locations and especially if the car is being shipped out west by rail.

We’ve seen the Assembly Plant has been cranking out new 2021 Corvettes at a clip of around 183 per day and they have been running at full production since that last shut down in March. Last week, the plant completed 920 new Corvettes and there are a reported 10,000 more to build until the model year ends this summer.

For those of you with orders still pending, have patience as the process is working. Hopefully, your order will start moving soon just like the Rapid Blue 2021 built for James. And congratulations to James on receiving his new Corvette. May it provide years of enjoyment!

Corvette C8 World / Facebook

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  1. I placed my $2000.00 deposit with Grieco Chevrolet in September 2019 for a 2020 Corvette convertible.
    My salesman tells me that my order is not yet “locked in,” but he suspects I’ll have a 2021 model in July 2021.

  2. 8 months for a C8 is a little wait. I waited 13 months. I am not disappointed at all of the 2020 Stingray I now own. 8/13 of a wait wasn’t that bad and the folks in line for a 2021 they will never get will most likely hate both of us for having our cars already! Worth the wait!

  3. Ordered with McMulkin 1/20, took delivery in 2/21. Slipped from model year ‘20 to a ‘21, but I can confirm the car is something different. Most boring trip of the day is made fun by this beast toy.

  4. I ordered 09/19 with a 1000 dollar deposit and am still waiting. Have tried to contact the salesman and his manager and have not received a call back from either. I am open to suggestions.

  5. I too placed a $1000 deposit on mine in August, 2019 and it is at the dealer (Stevinson Chevrolet in Denver) as of 4/15. Because of snow delay, it won’t be fully prepped until Monday. However because of more snow predicted, and its summer tires, I won’t pick it up until sometime next week. It’s a good thing that I’m a very patient man!

  6. PLACED ORDER FOR 2020 3-14-20 turned into 2021 and and went 3000 2-12-21 with
    TPW of 3-8-21 then shut downs and still at 3000 as of 4-16-21 MY FRIEND you are either very lucky or I am very UNLUCKY!

  7. I have you all beat.
    I placed a $2,500.00 deposit in July 30th 2019 and took delivery on 12/10/ 2020 so 17 months I would the wait for the car again, awesome ride. Going to order a ZO6 so I’ll probably have to wait again.

  8. I put a deposit of $10K on a 20 in December of 19. Still no word if my 21 will be built. I see cars for sale at dealers on the net. Checked with my dealer and they are not sure if I will get a 21. Starting to get impatient with Chevy. wondering what’s going on?????

  9. I feel ya Larry.
    Two years is excessive.
    Taking all the fun away.
    Having ordered in 2019, I thought I could always sell at MSRP or above, if I didn’t like the car (eg: no manual).
    Now, I’m not so sure.
    May just walk away.
    What a waste of time and energy.

  10. Where do you get to see the codes – 2000,3000,3300,3400,4000 I ordered 8/8/20 and the dealer seems honest. Maybe?????
    Are these codes he has or can I get them on line or from Chevy???
    my dealer is a low allocation (4 for 2020), but he says he got them all. I am number 1 for him for 2021 – he says. If the last 21 is made July 19 and the last 21 order was accepted a month ago should I get my 2021 no later than 8/21????
    Yes very frustrating!

  11. I live in the Central Coast of California, went to a local Chevy dealer in August 2020, they added me to the 2021 order list. December 11th, got the call to come in and place the order. $5K deposit that they ran through the bank on 1/7/21. They called in February to tell me all was placed with GM per my spec’s except they could not honor the Corvette Museum Delivery ($995). In March, another call that they were confirming production order with Bowling Green and if I still wanted the fender side skirts, I would have to wait, I said drop them from the order. They said that was advisable, as they would have to wait to place the production order if I insisted on the fender skirts. As of today, still waiting.

  12. I made my deposit at my local dealer ship on August 16, 2019. I was told that they only had 10 allocations and I was #13. I made my deposit anyway not expecting to get a 2020 model. On Feb 16, 2021 my local agent informed me that my 2021 order was in 3000 status. He sent me the GM invoice with my order detail#, order type: SRE. I don’t have anything in my build sheet that would be a constraint, Elkhart Blue, transparent roof, nonZ51, LT2 with a 2LT package. I check with the Chevy concierge every Friday, and yet no movement. It’s frustrating when I read customers who ordered their C8 a year after I did and got their cars already.

  13. Update this morning and THANK YOU for the phone #: my order is now 3000 status and was told to check back by 5/1 as it should be in 3400 status shortly.

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