[PICS] Oaklie the Newfie Loves His Master’s 2020 Corvette


[PICS] Oaklie the Newfie Loves His Master's 2020 Corvette

Sharing their Corvettes with their pets is nothing new for plenty of dog lovers.

We’ve seen lots of such photos over the years, but most folks don’t have a large Newfoundland like Oaklie, riding shotgun in a brand new mid-engine Corvette.

A working therapy and rescue water dog, Oaklie takes frequent rides in his “pawrents'” 2020 Sebring Orange Tintcoat Stingray.

His adventures are a popular feature on Instagram, where he’s been described as the “most active Newfoundland on Instagram.”

Most C8 owners probably aren’t as giving of their car when it comes to letting large dogs ride in them, afraid of what his paws and claws might do to the Natural leather interior and interior panels.

But Oaklie’s owners proudly call their new car the “Newfievette,” which looks splendid with its High Wing Rear Spoiler and gloss black full-length dual racing stripes.

Some of Oaklie’s Instagram fans recently sent him a pair of Maisto Corvette models that even have the stripes.

Check out the photo that shows Oaklie proudly showing off his new models while sitting in front of his owners’ life-size Stingray. Another photo shows Oaklie sitting proudly in the front seat looking contented as he stares straight ahead.

While many of you are probably aghast and yelling there’s no way you’d let a big dog like Oaklie climb in your C8, we actually admire these owners for sharing their favorite car with their favorite dog. After all, they’re the ones who are paying for the car, and if it has a few “love scratches” on it when they go to sell it in a few years, at least they will have a lot of fond memories of their time in the Corvette with Oaklie – probably more than someone who just lets their car sit in a garage all the time afraid it will get dirty or scratched if it ventures out into the real world.

After all, at the end of the day, it’s just a material possession.

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