[PICS] A Closer Look at the C8 Corvette’s Ultra High Security Wheel Locks


[PICS] A Closer Look at the C8 Corvette's Ultra High Security Wheel Locks

Photo Credit: Mike Furman

One of the worst things that we think could happen to a Corvette owner is coming outside to find your new Corvette balanced on a couple of rocks after thieves made off with your wheels in the dead of night. We’ve documented too many instances of wheel theft from Corvettes over the years, including the time a C8 Corvette prototype had its wheels stolen after the car was left parked on a snow-covered road in suburban Detroit last year.

General Motors offers three different versions of the wheels locks for the Corvette. There are the “standard” wheel locks offered in Silver (SFE) for $95 and Black (SPZ) which are priced at $120. And new for the 2021 model year are the Ultra High Security Wheel Locks (SQU) available in Silver for $105. All three are LPO options that are added at the Dealership during PDI, and you can also order them from your Chevy dealer’s parts counter.

Our friend Mike Furman recently shared pictures of the new Ultra High Security Wheel Locks which he had installed on his own 2021 Corvette Convertible. The wheel locks were designed to make them even harder for thieves to remove.

[PICS] A Closer Look at the C8 Corvette's Ultra High Security Wheel Locks

In describing the new wheel locks, a Chevrolet representative told GM Authority last year that the new wheel locks “have a stainless steel ‘ring’ around the outside of them so if someone tried to pound a socket over the lock then it will spin on the ring, making it more difficult to remove the wheel lock.

When playing around with the Corvette’s Build and Price configurator, I always add wheels locks to my builds and I would suggest to anyone ordering a Corvette not to overlook adding the wheel locks to their builds as well. Sure you can always add them later, but why wait when your Corvette’s wheels can be protected from Day 1 of ownership. For those of you with a 2020 Corvette, we would suggest these new Ultra High Security Wheel Locks be added to your “mod” list.

Mike Furman @ Criswell Chevrolet

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