MotorTrend Says E-Ray Corvette Will Be Quicker than the C8 Z06


MotorTrend Says E-Ray Corvette Will Be Quicker than the C8 Z06

Photo Credit: MotorTrend

One of the most appealing features of the rumored E-Ray Corvette will be its eAWD system that can apply power to all four wheels of the Corvette instead of the traditional rear-wheel-drive. That change alone has many speculating on just how fast the 0-60 MPH time will be as well as how that will compare to the performance-oriented Z06 model.

MotorTrend has more Corvette news in this month’s magazine under the “MT Confidential” column that offers some new numbers to the E-Ray rumor mill. They say the E-Ray will be what the Grand Sport model was in the C7 generation: “A Corvette that’s sharper and faster than the regular model yet still affordable and accessible as a daily driver.”

Here’s the exciting part of the equation:

But what makes the C8 E-Ray radically different from the old C7 Grand Sport is that its increased performance won’t be the result of tweaks to the 6.2-liter V-8 engine, but of a front-mounted electric motor that is said to develop 215 hp. With all-wheel drive and a total system output of close to 590 hp the E-Ray will be quicker to 60 mph than the forthcoming C8 Z06, Detroit sources say.

We missed this originally but 495 hp from the LT2 plus the 215 hp from the Ultium motor is 710 hp whereas the previous target for the E-Ray from Don Sherman was 600 hp and 500 lb-ft of torque. We’ve heard that the rumored Zora would have 200+ hp from its frunk-mounted electric motor, so the unit for the E-Ray could be less than that.

Also, don’t feel too bad for those that pay more for the Corvette Z06 as MT Confidential says the C8 Z06 with its high-revving naturally aspirated quad-cam V-8 and track-tuned chassis will be the faster car overall.

Corvette SUV Coming in 2024

We led first with the E-Ray news but the bigger news for MT Confidential is that the Corvette SUV is real and will make its debut in 2024. Built on top of the GM’s Ultium BEV (battery electric vehicle) platform, the electric Corvette SUV “will be a four-door, four-seat, performance-tuned crossover with key design cues lifted from the mid-engine C8.”

The column also “whispers” that the crossover may not be the only four-door electric Corvette in the line-up as a four-door rival for the Porsche Taycan sedan is also under consideration.

MT Confidential - May 2021


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  1. Don’t care the Eray is not a real Corvette. I have a 2020 Stingray that will be traded for a Z06. Bring that golf cart to a road course and lets see how it compares to the Z06.

  2. FFS…enough with the Corvette SUV. This is the same magazine that in 2019 openly said that according to “their sources within GM” that the C8 was going to start north of $120k. MT has devolved into nothing more than a gossip rag and obviously will write anything to keep its readers talking. Quit giving them the satisfaction.

  3. So, is the photo of that yellow C8 real, or is it a rendering? I hate the whole “floating roof” styling look that every mfr is copying. Totally pointless. But bring on the Corvette SUV. IF the price and styling are right I’ll buy one.

  4. “Eray is not a real corvette” LOL… guys’ were saying the same thing about the C8 when it came out. Electric is the future: it’s happening. About the “golf cart” remark, check out the performance of the McLaren P1: it’s amazing and it will be comparable to what a hybrid Corvette will be like.

  5. And extremely boring and uninspiring to drive! They look like a piece of tupperware with four wheels attached to them! Tesla’s are the biggest piece of crap on the roads today! Just take one apart and you can see it for yourself. Those cars should cost half of what they go for with the lack of quality that they have. Just like with all green technologies, it’s all smoke and mirrors.There is no substance behind anything that they are doing. Just one big con job cash grab imo!

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