C8 Corvette Engine Covers with Fake Velocity Stacks Will Set You Back $1,495


C8 Corvette Engine Covers with Fake Velocity Stacks Will Set You Back $1,495

Photo Credits: Custom Cre8tions

For $1,495 and five minutes of your time, you too can add a custom retro look to your 21st century C8 Corvette.

Whether you would want to add these fake velocity stacks to your high-tech Stingray is entirely up to you, though.

But, as it’s been pointed out many times, many ways (to borrow a few words from a popular Christmas song blaring over SiriusXM these days), the new C8 Corvette is one of the most highly personalizable (is that really a word?) vehicles ever created. One look at the long list of options available on the new mid-engine Corvette, and you can tell that. Hence the one and only 2020 out of just over 20,000 Corvettes produced that wound up painted Accelerate Yellow over the two-tone Blue interior.

Now a company cleverly named Custom Cre8tions out of Golden Valley, Minnesota is offering custom engine covers topped with non-functional velocity stacks that it proudly boasts are easy to install with just four easily accessible bolts and a clip.

C8 Corvette Engine Covers with Fake Velocity Stacks Will Set You Back $1,495

Custom Cre8tions says the engine covers are modeled after classic supercars like the Ferrari and the original Ford GT40 and help to bring focus into the engine bay of the new Corvette.

In case you don’t know what velocity stacks are, go with us back to the olden days of carburetors when these trumpet-shaped tubes helped smooth the airflow into the throttle body to gulp as much air as possible and increase your engine’s power output.

Unfortunately, these new velocity stacks, designed just for the C8, are for appearance only and don’t increase the already-impressive output of 495 horsepower from the C8’s stock 6.2-liter V8 engine.


The company says the engine cover can also be painted the color of your car. The base velocity stacks cost $1,495 and the first ones produced will be shipped out to customers starting in February.

What’s your opinion on this customization? We think it adds some much-needed height to the engine compartment and makes it look more special looking through the glass, though we know it’s just for looks. But then, how many times has a Corvette owner modified their car just for looks?


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  1. They look pretty cool…but not for $1500.00 In a performance car, I always like to see the engine. But the trend in new cars for the last couple of decades, is to make the engine not look like it is there at all. Mercedes puts a big cover over the entire engine, so it looks like a lump of plastic…but then again, the Mercedes is not that exciting. Just OMO

  2. I can just picture the guy that would put that on their C8. Also I heard it give give you an extra 20 hp.

  3. Isn’t there a way you (Blogger administrator) can prevent these ads in the comments section? I like to share my comments where I think I have something to add to the vette owners/enthusiasts conversation, but I’m not going to screen through all the posted ads of someone wanting to sell me something to do it.

  4. I can’t believe that a Corvette owner would pay $1500 for an item such as this. I’ll spend my money on something that will add H.P. Fake, Fake, Fake!

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