GM Orders Refunds of C8 Corvette Deposits in Australia


GM Orders Refunds of C8 Corvette Deposits in Australia

Photo Credit: Chevrolet

Corvette enthusiasts who had put down deposits for a new C8 with Holden dealers in Australia and New Zealand are now being told they’ve basically got to start the process over.

In an announcement last week on its Facebook page, General Motors Specialty Vehicles says that deposits already placed with these dealers “unfortunately … will not guarantee your purchase of a Corvette when they arrive toward the end of next year” and recommends that all dealers refund these deposits while the ordering process is finalized.

The eighth-generation mid-engine Corvette and the Silverado pickup will be sold through a new GMSV network that the company says it is “working hard” to launch in the fourth quarter of this year across Australia and New Zealand.

“Since announcing GM Specialty Vehicles on 18th of August, we have seen an overwhelming reaction and interest in both Silverado and Corvette,” GMSV says.

In a message to prospective customers, GMSV recommends “registering your interest” on the internet at, where they will take “the important first step” and answer “a few questions through our short survey” to help with planning.

The website features information about the Chevy Silverado and the Corvette, the only two vehicles confirmed for GMSV so far, and customers are encouraged to call, email, or chat for more details.


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  1. I see on car gurus there are many 2020 corvettes that dealers have and are marked up 20.000 dollars over MSRP. I can’t believe a plant that is just dedicated to just corvettes can’t keep up with demand when other factories that are knocking cars and trucks out by the thousands there’s something not right about this picture

  2. The problem with the Australian Market of Corvette Lovers is the Holden Motor Company that has reportedly gone away. Refund the Australian Deposits so they are not lost to Holden going out of business. I would hope Corvette has a plan to identifier the Australian Corvette Lovers that made deposits and receive refunds as first in line for the Right Hand Drive C8 Wonder Down Under! Put your refund to work and be ready to respond when the delivery of the C8 to Australia details are worked out and the Cars are on their way down under!

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