[VIDEO] A C4 Corvette Driver Channels Fast N Furious By Drifting Under a Semi Trailer


[VIDEO] A C4 Corvette Driver Channels Fast N Furious By Drifting Under a Semi Trailer

Here’s something that looks like a lot of fun, but you’ll want to have a tape measure before trying this stunt at home. An Instagram user with the handle of “c4drifter” shared this fun video of his slammed black C4 Corvette while doing his own impression of Fast N Furious at a rain-soaked lumber yard.

The video opens with a C4 Corvette does some engine revs and then it shoots forward on the wet parking lot, heading straight into the path is a parked semi-trailer. The lowered Corvette slides under the trailer, appearing to just barely clear it as it sprints forward. The Black C4 offers up a series of donuts around a stack of pallets before sliding back under the trailer once again.

Then we see an in-car view of the run and the stunt is even more impressive when viewing it from the driver’s seat when you see the trailer looming in the windshield, and then you just barely clear it. No doubt you’ll feel yourself wanting to scrunch down a bit in your seats as watch:

The C4 Corvette has been set up for drifting as we see the tall handbrake in the cockpit. That fact that 4th generation Corvettes are so cheap right now makes it easy to justify building such a car. It’s a great platform for those who want to actively participate in the sport of drifting, or for those that just want to live out their fantasy of driving like the cast members of a Fast N Furious movie.

Instagram via Motor1.com

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