[VIDEO] Matt Field’s Insane Qualifying Run in Formula DRIFT


[VIDEO] Matt Field's Insane Qualifying Run in Forumula DRIFT

We caught a couple of these drifting videos on twitter the last couple days and just had to share. At first glance, it looks like you’re watching a video game but this real footage captured by an equally-talented drone pilot.

The videos feature Formula DRIFT racer Matt Field and his C6 Corvette Z06 racing on the streets of Long Beach for the opening round of the 2019 season.

We’ve shared a previous video of Matt and his C6 Corvette as they raced up a mountain followed by a drone.

The action here at Long Beach is incredible with Matt showing off his insane handling skills. Also showing off some insane skills is the drone pilot, Johnny FPV who manages to keep right up with the Corvette and providing a perspective from the track that few have ever seen before.

The rules of Formula DRIFT are a bit different as the racers are judged on execution and style rather than who finishes first.

We also have another video from earlier in the weekend that shows Field’s Corvette going through the course and missing the concrete barriers by scant inches. The car control from these drivers is incredible!

Formula DRIFT / YouTube

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