[AUDIO] Mecum’s John Kraman is the Featured Guest on the Corvette Today Podcast


[AUDIO] Mecum's John Kraman is the Featured Guest on the Corvette Today Podcast

I am a huge fan of the Mecum Auction organization and have been since I attended my first NCRS Winter Regional in the early 2000s when Mecum was paired with the show at Kissimmee’s Old Town. We’ve watched over the years as they grew to become one of the major automotive auction houses in the USA. One of the major factors in the growth of the collector car auctions over the last 20 years was when they were able to showcase their consignments live on TV and of course that requires having the right people on camera who are knowledgeable on a wide range of collector cars.

This week on the CORVETTE TODAY Podcast, host Steve Garrett talks with John Kraman, TV host of Mecum Auctions on NBCSN. John is a walking encyclopedia of automobiles but his personal passion just happens to the Chevrolet Corvette! Hear about the most expensive Corvettes ever sold at auction, John’s stable of Corvettes, the C8 he has on order and what upcoming Mecum Auctions are happening the rest of this year.

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  1. I watch the auctions a lot, to bad most of the people they have as commentators are kinda lame. Steven Cox is a douche, Bill is cool. They leave out a lot of facts and obvious info on many cars. Or are just plain wrong. They say some stupid shit, and Steven acts like a friggen junior high girl. Always talking up the Mustangs, although I was looking at some old Car & Driver reviews of Stangs and they paint a much different picture of the Stangs then he does. They seem to think most of the Stangs were turds especially the 69′ Mach 1 and the 71′ I think Boss 351 was kinda of a joke. Not what old Stevie says. At least they don’t have the BIGGEST douche bag of all, well two of them, Mike Brewer and Ruttledge Wood. Both useless dip shits.

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