Sports Fans are Cracking Up Over Michael Jordan Parking his Corvette on ESPN’s The Last Dance


Sports Fans Cracking Up Over Michael Jordan Parking his Corvette on ESPN's The Last Dance

Screenshots: ESPN’s The Last Dance

With all of pro sports on vacation these days because of the coronavirus, other than the NFL Draft that started tonight with appropriate social distancing, ESPN has come to the rescue with a 10-hour Michael Jordan documentary, deciding to start airing “The Last Dance” last Sunday.

The show was originally going to air sometime around the NBA Finals, but we all know what happened to that plan.

“The Last Dance” takes a close – and honest – look at Jordan’s last title-winning season in 1997-98 but also manages to include a look at his whole career. Surprisingly, the series doesn’t pull any punches, taking a no-holds-barred look back at the mythologized NBA star.

Just two shows in, and the Twitter world is already abuzz with important stuff like the way Jordan manages to park his black C5 Coupe in the parking lot at practice.

Sports Fans Cracking Up Over Michael Jordan Parking his Corvette on ESPN's The Last Dance

Whereas many Corvette enthusiasts would go to great pains to park their way a long way from anybody else or at least in an end spot, Jordan seems oblivious to the rest of the world, daring us to do anything to his car. In his defense, he probably had more important things on his mind than getting a scratch on his car, like winning another NBA championship. Of course, if some knucklehead did have the audacity to door his car, Jordan could always just pull the money out of his back pocket and buy a replacement.

In this episode, though, he’s shown just coming to a stop in the Corvette in the parking lot with no thoughts of staying inside the lines and walks into the building, even leaving the removable top off the car because after all, he’s Michael Jordan and you better believe it’s not going to rain on his Corvette!

Check out a few of the tweets about his parking job:

Michael Jordan parks exactly how I expected Michael Jordan to park. The world has a “reserved parking for Michael Jordan” sign.

Michael Jordan parks where Michael Jordan wants. You can’t give him a ticket or anything. He’s Michael Jordan.

I’m still stuck on this. Imagine trying to give Michael Jordan a parking ticket.

And perhaps the ultimate tweet that is subject to debate among NBA fans:

Lebron James can park a 1997 Chevrolet Corvette better than Michael Jordan.


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  1. This is the most pointless article. And apparently everybody is blind and doesn’t understand editing. He didn’t leave the car parked where he first pulled in. That’s pretty clear when they showed him getting out of it and it is much farther back from the vehicles in front and you can see a curb along the back of his car. He backed up and parked it appropriately. Is everybody blind?

  2. I’m with Keith V. — Sooooooooo overanalyzed.
    It’s a movie.
    It’s the entertainment industry (both the movie AND the NBA).
    It was a few seconds of a looong video, created and edited by pros, with tons of footage edited out, assembled for its entertainment value.
    They probably shot that scene at least 5 times to get the effect they wanted to get some people all riled up.
    Apparently they succeeded! 🙂

  3. The picture and the video have a major continuity error. The video shows the front of the pointed away the picture is pointed the other. It was all stages and not real, quit wasting time posting click-bait garbage. Show a little self-respect and your homework – facepalm.

  4. No lines painted on ground to park between. Plus, this isnt walmart. This is a facility built because of & for Michael. His house. His driveway. His rules.

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