[VIDEO] Matt Farah: The C8 Corvette Democratizes the Mid-Engine Sports Car


[VIDEO] Matt Farah: The C8 Corvette Democrotizes the Mid-Engine Sports Car

The Smoking Tire’s Matt Farah was a guest on a local California talk show called beond.tv and a major part of his appearance was to talk about the new 2020 Corvette.

As you may know, Matt drove the new mid-engine sports car as part of Road & Track’s Performance Car of the Year testing and in his One Take video, he was very enthusiastic for the new car. Although he has somewhat tempered that enthusiasm, he still calls the 2020 Corvette the most significant car of the year.

I always enjoy listening to Matt and he uses the term democratized several times in the manner that it’s now available for everyone. He says that as Chevrolet has democratized performance in comparison with Porsches and other exotics that cost much more, the C8 Corvette does the same for the mid-engine sports car.

His appearance isn’t just about the C8 as Matt also talks about the “oddball” cars in his collection as well as what would be his favorite car to own. If you just want the C8 stuff, skip to 2:57 but if you have seven and a half minutes, let it run:

From BeondTV via YouTube:

“The Smoking Tire” creator Matt Farah tells us what he thinks of the new Corvette, plus he tells us which car is his favorite of all time and what he drives around town.

BeondTV / YouTube

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