Beware the Jokesters Offering C8 Corvette Wheels for Sale Online


Beware the Jokesters Offering C8 Corvette Wheels for Sale Online

“Let the buyer beware” was never truer than in the case of these two ads, trying to sell C8 wheels that aren’t even available to the general public yet.

These two jokesters are obviously having a little fun – we hope – at the expense of the GM employee – we assume – who discovered his 2020 Corvette Stingray left without its tires and wheels while parked on a Detroit street last week.

The first ad discovered by CarScoops offers up the wheels – with no accompanying photo to prove its validity – for the out-of-this-world price of $100,000 – which just happens to be $40,000 more than the starting price for a whole Corvette!

The other ad, found on Facebook Marketplace but since deleted, is even dumber, with a photo of four wheels that aren’t even from a C8. Of course, they did offer the wheels at the much more sensible price of $500.

We didn’t really expect the actual thieves to post an ad for their ill-gotten gain this soon, since C8s are not even publicly available at this point. It would be very obvious to everyone, including police, that any such ad would feature hot items and not take-off wheels.

Some on the Internet have speculated that the entire wheel theft story is just a clever marketing scheme by General Motors to get publicity for the new Stingray. However, that doesn’t really make sense since the C8 has already been mentioned some 32.3 million times on the Web, according to a Google search.

We do like some of the other comments posted by visitors to a story on about the two bogus ads, including one optimist who excitedly pointed out: “On the plus side, look at how stiff that platform must be. It is able to be balanced on only two bricks!”

Another person noted how random the theft seemed to be: “Like a tornado, the hopscotch damage pattern is astounding – the Honda right behind it completely untouched!”

And finally, there’s the guy who pointed out the obvious: this black Stingray “still looks beautiful” even minus four wheels and tires!

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  1. GM could easily make this problem go away by making wheel locks standard equipment — just like they used to be years ago. GM’s actual cost would only be about $10. It’s stupid not to do it.

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