Supplier Issue Forces Chevrolet To Cancel the Visible Carbon Fiber Aero Kits from Most Orders


Supplier Issue Forces Chevrolet To Cancel the Visible Carbon Fiber Aero Kits from Most Orders

Just when we thought the launch of the 2020 Corvette Stingray was going well in regards to not seeing any constraints, along comes the news that a popular option is being stripped from customer orders due to a supplier issue.

Those that ordered the 5VM Visible Carbon Fiber Splitter and Side Skirts for $4,850 are being notified that the option is being stripped from their current orders. Although some have been saying that it’s a quality control issue, we’ve been told that the supplier simply could not meet the demand for the carbon fiber aero kit. Therefore, we probably won’t see it for the rest of the year. GM has already removed the option from the Corvette configurator.

However, with orders already queued up, there will be some lucky C8 Corvettes that will receive the carbon fiber aero kits from the current inventory that’s already been sent to the plant.

5VM Visible Carbon Fiber Aero Kits

The high demand for the 5VM option was likely exasperated with the Late Availability status on the Carbon Flash-painted versions (RPO 5W8) that sell for $3,850. We are hearing that the black painted versions will hopefully return within the next couple of months.

But all is not lost for those who want to add either of the genuine aero kits to their Stingrays. These kits are LPO options and they will at some point be available to order through your Chevrolet dealer’s parts counter. And if your dealer does the install, they qualify for the 3-year/36K mile warranty. The shortage and high demand for the aero kits will also cause the aftermarket to spring into action as they create their own versions.

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  1. If the supplier can’t come through with enough inventory to meet the demands then GM needs to find one that can! If I had ordered a C8 with the visible carbon fiber aero kit and found out it was being stripped from my order I would be PISSED!!! I would get my down payment fully refunded at take my money somewhere else!!!!

  2. Remind me how many months Chevrolet and it’s third party venders have had to stock pile an inventory for this particular popular option? What a bummer for those folks that were excited to have this CF option! It would have looked Awesome on this car!!!
    Yep, GM demonstrating once again their ability to over-sell and simultaneously under-deliver.
    Sorry, but I should know better than to have high expectations. Just hope I don’t receive a “Dear John” letter before I receive my future C8. :-/

  3. If I were ordering a C8 I would get aftermarket CF anyway, the quality is just as good and less than half the price. All the carbon on my C6 was wayyyyy less than the dealer wants for OEM.

  4. Yeah, sure Gregory. Take your money “somewhere else? ? ? ?” Let’s see, uhhhhhhhh, would that be maybe to a Volkswagen dealer? How much of a C8 fan can you be? Also, JB, suppliers also over promise and can’t deliver enough inventory. I have it happen in a camper manufacturing business I own. NO ONE could have anticipated the unparalleled demand for the C8 as well as the extreme demand for an individual option. GOOD GRIEF ! ! !

    Also, while commenting, let’s comment on the resale value article of the C8. It’s going to be higher than even Kelly expects. There will be thousands of people who preordered who will gladly sell their position on a preorder list, or will sell the car immediately upon delivery (before any miles are put on them) for anywhere from $5,000 up to $20,000 over MSRP to people who “thought” they’d order from a dealer in the spring. However, no order NOW or IN THE SPRING is going to get anyone a 2020 C8. Many of these people have money to burn, and if they don’t want to wait for a 2021, by hook or by crook they’re going to get a 2020. The only way will be from preorder people. With the 2021 very likely heading towards the high $70,000 range, the 2020 is going to hold its value way high…………and in the short run, probably higher than any of us preorder people paid for our cars.

  5. Swissrick,
    I’ve read your response and I believe we have different expectations of GM, which happens to be one of the largest automobile manufacturers in the world. You state that no one could have anticipated the demand for the C8, I’m sorry but I have to politely call BS (we’re car guys, so we can do that right?). The C8 may be the most important, exciting and publicized Corvettes in decades. Dealers were taking deposits on C8’s early last year to the point that Chevrolet had to have known what the demand would be, which is validated by the Bowling Green Plant adding a unprecedented second shift. I do understand what you’re saying with respect to venders not being able to deliver, as when I ordered my GT2RS the magnesium wheels were no longer available (boooo). I just have high expectations of GM, but it won’t stop me from ordering my Z06 with Rick Conti when he can do so.
    In so far as KBB, my point was it’s speculation and not based on empirical data. However, KBB and you may be correct, but there are opportunities for unforeseen consequences none of us can control, e.g., potential C8 mechanical/electrical issues, living with a Corvette with no hatch area (where does the wife put her dog/s???) that can impact new/used sales. No one can really say with 100% affirmation.
    As I have in previous posts. I wish Chevrolet and the new C8 owners the very best!!! Have a cool one on me, it’s Friday!! 😎

  6. In November of 2014 I placed a deposit w/ three different dealers as soon as I heard the words mid-engine, these orders were all guaranteed @ MSRP and all three of my cars are at event # 3300 and due to be made this coming week. I did not order the cars for resale as I am going to modify two of them. After all, if I put the deposit money in the bank how much interest could I have received


  7. Well that’s bs. Come on GM get your shit together. How about a new supplier??? DUHHHHH! Shouldn’t be that big a deal, delayed but not gone.

  8. After reading this blog about the now-canceled 5VM Visible Carbon Fiber Aero Kit I too am surprised GM could not get another supplier to provide the 5VM Visible Carbon Fiber Aero Kit.

    In late June of 2007 when they launched the 2008 model change my 2008 C6 Victory red convertible was one of the first built. It was built on June 29, 2007 as a museum delivery. When they put the wheels on my car and I was standing at the assembly line watching I noticed they were putting the 2007 chrome wheels on my car and I told my tour guide they changed the chrome wheels in 2008 and they put the wrong wheels on my car. They got someone and they told me that the supplier could not make quality chrome and they were substituting the 2007 chrome wheels. I was very upset. For those people that ordered the now-canceled 5VM Visible Carbon Fiber Aero Kit I know your pain.

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