[PICS] The C8 Corvette’s Engine Compartment Without the Engine Appearance Package


[PICS] The C8 Corvette Engine Compartment Without the Engine Appearance Package

Up until Corvettes at Carlisle, all 2020 Corvette Stingrays that were both at the reveal or seen on the C8 Dealers Tour had one thing in common. All were loaded models that included the Engine Appearance Package.

So what do the 2020 Corvette Stingray’s look like without the appearance package? We now have those photos!

RPO ZZ3 is the Engine Appearance Package and it includes the Carbon Fiber rail covers on each side of the engine, as well as an automatic light that turns on when the engine compartment is opened. Openings allow access to oil filler. The package is priced at $995.

One of the C8 Corvettes on display inside the Corvette Engineering tent featured a 1LT trim package and limited options. It was a good look at what a potential $59,995 Corvette Stingray would look like, or in this case, what was left off.

Here are several photos of the C8 Corvette’s engine compartment. The first is a Corvette Stingray with the Engine Appearance Package while the second one doesn’t have it.

2020 Corvette Stingray

2020 Corvette Stingray

As you can see, the beautiful carbon fiber overlay panels that Chevrolet created mounts on the support bars and provides that “exotic” look to the C8’s engine compartment. The base Stingray without the appearance package features just the black support bars and shows some of the plumbing and other components under them.

For those that forego the $995 engine appearance package, you can bet this will be one of the first aftermarket mods available (we are looking at you, ACS Composite!) so if you’re reaching to get the Corvette, forget the package for now. But if you want to put an exclamation point on your Corvette order, we suggest checking the box on ZZ3.

Here are couple more photos just so you get a good look!

2020 Corvette Stingray

2020 Corvette Stingray

Will you be adding or dropping the ZZ3 Engine Appearance Package from your 2020 Corvette Stingray order? Let us know in the comments below!

Photos by Keith Cornett

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  1. To keep the car affordable for me, I will forego the appearance package and if an aftermarket becomes available later down the road, I may add it then. I can get my transparent roof for the same cost.

  2. I want the appearance package but it will delay my C 8 Z51 arrival so I’ll b forgoing it

  3. Seems like paying for the annoyance of installation rather than the cost of parts – like up charging for red or yellow brake rotors.

  4. Just got my purchase order. C8 being built first 2 weeks of December. Got the option and No, it did not delay the build.

  5. More crap to clean and polish…and does nothing for performance, except make it harder to work on. I’d rather see what makes it tick!

  6. I did not order it. I’m not a huge carbon fiber guy. I get it for the performance factor due to weight and strength, but the look is no big deal to me.

  7. *Puts engineer hat on*

    Accessories = Weight

    Weight = Reduced Performance

    *Takes said hat off*

    Screw it, it looks good. I’ll take it!

  8. Hopefully I can get a C8, i have ordered but have heard nothing yet, will add the package though.

  9. Doesn’t make car any faster. Just adds weight up high. Totally useless!

    Phil hopper

  10. don’t worry. It is still so early they have not been able to contact everyone, and it is in order. You’ll get there! Enjoy!

  11. Get the convertible when it becomes available and you don’t need ZZ3 cuz you can’t see it ’til you raise the lid. 😉

  12. I’d go with the appearance package if I were to buy a 2020 model but I’m waiting for the Z06 production model with the flat plane and twin turbos. Hopefully it’s true and not speculation.

  13. All of the add on carbon fiber components for the C8 are way overpriced @ MSRP & everyone scrabbling to get a 2020 are going to be getting a double whammy in the shorts from Chevrolet because of the short build cycle for 2020 and the late delivery start toward the end of 1st quarter 2020. What Chevrolet should have done if they really cared for their loyal Corvette customer base was designated the C8 as a 2021 model year and run the build cycle for 18 months like they did with the 2019 ZR1.

  14. Leave the engine trim off and put the money toward the body colored exterior trim option which makes the look so much better.

  15. I own a C3 1978 Pace Car with 8000 original miles!
    And I’m on the fence about getting a C8 Corvette!
    Actually I would prefer the upcoming Convertible!
    What do you guys think 🤔

  16. I have read that the engineers have designed the C8 so it cant be modified.
    I think this is to keep owners from going anywhere but Chevy dealers for service.
    I like mods like headers and CAI. Then dyno tuned. Does anyone know if these minor mods can be done on the C8?

  17. Looks really nice but that transparent roof is the same price and that is a must so the fancy covers will just have to wait. I would like a lot of things, but ———— the old check book says “yeah right”.

  18. Either get the appearance package or don’t for personal reasons but if it’s a money issue you shouldn’t be buying a C8.

  19. two coments like the transparent roof….if the sun shines frome above….(she usualy does that) it’s getting warm on your skul……only reason i get this roof on my c4 ….in weight reduction….
    over here in Belgium we don”t have that muc hot summer day’s….exept this year…..and last year…..oerps climate change…

  20. CF is ok looking to me, but not appealing enough to pay extra for a CF part unless it replaces a heavier part. The CF ‘bumpers’ behind the front and rear facias are pure genius. The CF shells in the seats, I HOPE, is a great idea – as long as it doesn’t crack or break. I do see how much cleaner LOOKING it makes the engine compartment, but it’s a $1000 decoration that covers up a bunch of stuff I might want to keep an eye on. I’ll pass at least for now. Maybe the aftermarket will make something cool I’ll want (NO, not polished stainless steel)….or not. The sweetness is clearly visible, right there in the center.

  21. I’d like to know how to get the red engine cover I see on Chevrolet.com and what the price might be.


  23. The engine covers ate 5 or 7 hundred dollars. I’m sure the aftermarket will fix the price and add thing like the body color. I ordered Sebring Orange on my c8, I will see if I can find a color matched cover in the aftermarket.

  24. I wonder how many buyers will put $5K+ worth of “visual performance” on their C8 builds but not opt for the Z51 package that provides some actual performance….

    My build is a performance stripper. 1LT, Z51, high wing spoiler, done.

  25. If you want a painted or hydro dipped fuel rail cover there are lots of companies that will do it cheaper and with the same quality as the factory.

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