How Chevy Was Able to Have Two C8 Corvettes Standing By for the World Series MVP Award


How Chevy Was Able to Have Two C8 Corvettes Standing By for the World Series MVP Award

That 2020 Corvette that was driven onto the field in Houston last week isn’t the real one that World Series MVP Stephen Strasburg of the Washington Nationals will be parking in his garage early next year.

Instead, it was one of two identical Torch Red 3LT Z51 C8 Stingrays that Chevrolet had ready for the MVP presentation – one that had been delivered to Washington in case the Series had ended there with Game 6 on Tuesday and one in Houston that actually made a much-ballyhooed appearance the next day after the Nationals wrapped up the World Championship there in Game 7.

That way, Chevy didn’t have to worry about air-freighting a car overnight from Washington to Houston.

In fact, the car that actually made it on television after Game 7 is the same one that Motor Trend tested in its current issue – the one with the C8 flying through the air on the cover:

2020 Corvette Stingray

Photo Credit: Motor Trend

As for the car back in Washington, Automobile Magazine reports that it was one of what’s referred to as “static” cars similar to the ones that have been appearing at local dealerships and car shows across the nation. That one was probably capable of moving under its own power, but Automobile says it’s “probably such an early build that GM doesn’t want it being hammered on by members of the press or its own engineers.”

The car in Houston, on the other hand, was “dynamically prepped,” presumably meaning it is capable of being tested by the press, for example.

Ironically, Strasburg may not even choose a Torch Red Corvette like these two cars as he will actually get to order a 2020 Stingray to his exact specifications and will take delivery presumably early next year once the factory starts building customer Corvettes.

It’s interesting, though, that the 6-foot-5 Strasburg quipped last week that he might have to give the prize to a shorter teammate since he believes he won’t fit in it. Actually, based on our own time in one of the C8s (I’m 6-2½) and forum posts by people even taller than I am, we believe Mr. Strasburg will fit quite nicely in his new Stingray, which features more legroom than the C7 in our experience.

Let’s hope so anyway. We die-heard enthusiasts would be heartbroken if we actually won a C8 and then couldn’t fit in it!

Automobile Magazine

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