[SPIED] ‘Hybrid’ C8 Corvette Mule Spotted in Camouflage on the Streets of Ann Arbor


[SPIED] 'Hybrid' C8 Corvette Mule Spotted in Camouflage on the Streets of Ann Arbor

We’ve only see these hybrid mules once before, but at least they are easily identifiable as they are still wearing camo and have a unique front electrical connector and a shut-off switch that protrudes through the front quarter panel.

A shoutout goes to Warp Factor on the Corvette Forum for spotting the car yesterday in Ann Arbor, Michigan:

Why is this C8 still in camo? It doesn’t appear to be a convertible. At first I thought it might be a widebody, but now I’m not sure. Does anybody notice anything different or unusual about it? (photos taken 9/28/19 in Ann Arbor, near Detroit)

[SPIED] 'Hybrid' C8 Corvette Mule Spotted in Camouflage on the Streets of Ann Arbor

[SPIED] 'Hybrid' C8 Corvette Mule Spotted in Camouflage on the Streets of Ann Arbor

The camouflaged mule appears to be one of the older prototypes as it doesn’t feature the production-ready headlight and taillights which only showed up earlier this year. The black tape along the panels is the velcro used to cover the mules with the heavy black cladding.

The first sighting of these “hybrid” Corvette mules came in early September as a group of mules were spotted in the high elevations around Mt. Evans in Colorado. In addition to these additional switches and connectors up front, there is another shut-off switch on the driver side rear quarterpanel as well. Here’s a closeup look from the previous sighting:

[SPIED] Are These Hybrid C8 Corvette Mules Testing in Colorado?<

The rumor that’s been circulating on the street for some time has been that a hybrid mid-engine Corvette is the works. The rear V8 engine would power the rear wheels as always, but two electric motors would power the front wheels to provide all-wheel drive.

GM does have the “E-Ray” trademarked which it received in 2015. When you think about the considerable work to create a roomy rear storage area, it could be because they knew they would lose the frunk storage with the addition of the motors. Or perhaps not. Like you, we’ll just have to wait and see, but things are surely staying interesting with the Corvette team even with the Stingray Coupe revealed several months ago and the Convertible coming this Wednesday.

Warp Factor / CorvetteForum.com

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  2. Even after enlarging the pic the cammo makes it hard to tell for certain, BUT it looks to me like the vertical flat surface at the end of each wheel opening looks like it is gone and the fender continues out to a “sharper” edge. The tires/wheels seem to be tucked in deeper than what we see on the Stingray. My guess would be that we are looking at a Prototype widebody on a hybrid chassis, but fitted with Stingray tires and wheels. Why? Maybe they are hoping no one will notice these wider fenders without the much wider tires that will be fitted to this car….out back AND in front.

  3. I spoke with several people today that have driven the C8 about this unit still running around with the camo wrap still on it and and the overall conclusion is: They didn’t want to stop driving it long enough to take the wrap off.

    150 of the top psychiatrists around the world were gathered this afternoon in an undisclosed underground location to discuss the apparently small group of people that think the new C8 Corvette is ‘ugly’. By unanimous decision, it was determined that those people were mentally ‘deficient’ with poor eyesight. Not satisfied that was the ‘final answer’, we sought out a 2nd opinion from the next 150 psychiatrists. Their opinion was that ‘those people were ugly’, too.

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