[VIDEO] How Did We Miss this Awesome Chevy Performance Video on the C7 Corvette’s Magnetic Ride Upgrades


[VIDEO] How Did We Miss this Awesome Chevy Performance Video on the C7 Corvette's Magnetic Ride Upgrades

This video from Chevrolet Performance was posted in December 2018 but only has 5,026 views which to us means that a whole lot of others missed it when it was initially released.

Holy cow are these visuals fantastic as we get to see the Corvettes in two very different environments.

[VIDEO] How Did We Miss this Awesome Chevy Performance Video on the Corvette Magnetic Ride Suspension Upgrade

A Torch Red Stingray is shown in beautiful settings as its driving on two-lane roads through the countryside. Then comes in an Arctic White Z06 that’s being driven in track mode at Spring Mountain Motor Resort and Country Club.

As the video rolls, slides come into explaining the new calibrations. The upgrade reprograms select 2014-2018 C7 Corvettes equipped with Magnetic Ride Control. There are no hardware changes and your warranty is not affected.

From Chevrolet Performance:

The new calibrations improve how the cars respond in Tour, Sport and Track modes, and Chevy says that with a 2016 Z06, it’s lap times improved by more than 1 second on the Milford Road Course. The calibrations are done at your Chevrolet dealer for a cost of $350.

The C7’s Magnetic Ride Upgrades were developed by now-retired Corvette ride and handling engineer Jim Mero who has also developed an upgrade for C6 Corvettes with Magnetic Ride Control. For more info on his programs, visit Jim Mero Vehicle Dynamics.

Chevrolet Performance

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  1. I had it done on my ’17 Z06 some time ago, very noticeable difference. They hook car up to computer that’s in Detroit, which verifys your VIN and you the owner and only then allows the download and upgrade. The dealer just oversees the process. This keeps things on the up and up, my Z is much more supple on harsh roads and is definitely smoother and quicker when pushed.

  2. Just had my 16 Zo6 w/Zo7 Convertible done. And with a switch from Cup 2 to Zp Plus 3 A/S Michelin’s I’m in love with the ride and performance on road trips Have your cake and eat it too !!!

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