Report: Jordan Taylor Will Replace Jan Magnussen at Corvette Racing in 2020


Report: Jordan Taylor Will Replace Jan Magnussen at Corvette Racing in 2020

We didn’t see this one coming and it’s going to cause a major stir among Corvette Racing fans.

On the eve of the Monterey Sports Car Championship at WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca, is reporting that Jordan Taylor will be replacing Jan Magnusseun at Corvette Racing for the 2020 racing season.

It’s the first major change at Corvette Racing’s driver’s lineup since 2012 when Antonio Garcia joined the team after Olivier Beretta parted ways after eight seasons. It is most definitely the most shocking news to long-time fans of Corvette Racing since fan favorite Johnny O’Connell was moved to Cadillac Racing in 2011.


Industry sources have confirmed to Sportscar365 that the 28-year-old will make the switch from his father’s Wayne Taylor Racing Cadillac DPi operation to the Pratt & Miller-run factory squad, in a deal that’s believed to have been struck with GM late last month.

It’s not yet clear whether the 46-year-old Magnussen was pushed out or is leaving on his own accord. His contact with GM was up at the end of the season.

Taylor was part of Corvette Racing from 2012-2017 where he filled the role of the 3rd driver for the endurance races. Taylor co-drove Corvette C6.R to victory at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in June 2015 after a runner-up finish in 2014.

Both WTR Racing and Chevrolet are on the record in the report. Chevrolet said they “won’t discuss speculation on personnel matters”, and added “Jan has been and continues to be a valuable part of Corvette Racing.” WTR’s Wayne Taylor says that Jordan Taylor and van der Zande are his full-time drivers for 2020.

It’s widely expected that the 2020 racing season will see the debut of the factory mid-engine Corvette racecar known as the C8.R.

As Chevrolet drives its marketing budget for Corvette into the racing program, the addition of a young American driver with an active social media presence to go along with the launch of the new race car appears to be calculated move to bring in younger fans who eventually turn into younger customers. Time will tell…

We’ll have more on this when the dust settles.


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  1. Sad to see Jan go; he’s a great guy and driver.

    If, as the article states, he might be “leaving on his own accord…” — does this mean he could be going to race for Honda/Acura? (Sorry, Bad Dad Joke, couldn’t resist).

    Anyway, welcome aboard to Jordan!

  2. I Never would have expected Jan to leave, he’s a great driver and the only one I see regularly in the pits when they are working on the #3. Jordan is a great driver and definitely a funny character where Jan is all business. Happy / Sad news for the Corvette Racing community.

  3. Mixed emotions on this one, I really like Jordan and have followed him for several years, this is a big gain for Corvette as his skills with a prototype will translate well to this new mid engine C8R. Jan on the other hand is a big loss as I always felt confident in Corvettes odds to have great consistency with him behind the wheel. Maybe he will help out on long races like Le Mans when an extra driver is needed!

  4. There is a slight possibility that the high G forces generated by these modern race cars have had a cumulative
    negative effect on Jan’s 46 year old body. I am not suggesting 46 is old. I wish I was still 46 !!!!

  5. Racing is a young man’s game. When you have a wife and children, as the guy who froze in Top Gun put it, you are holding on too hard. Winning is secondary to seeing your family again. IF Zora and Carroll had kept racing until they were grey beards, look at all the great cars the world would have missed out on. Wiki Ron Fellows, one of the greatest WINNING vette drivers, by 2005 age 44 he was washed up, driving a “respectable” race, no longer winning. Adam Vinatieri is 46 years old, what’s he known for, being the oldest player in the NFL. that’s it. GM can afford the best drivers in the business, it should hire them. Nothin personal, but when your face is permanently blackened from eating everybody else’s exhaust pipes, you should bow out gracefully, not get the boot.

  6. Still unconfirmed, like will there even be a GTLM class with just Corvette and Porsche? Announcement at/after Petit LeMans about Jan and Jordan?

  7. Hate to see those guy’s, but excited to see how the vette’s perform on the track. Good Luck Guys!

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