[PICS] One of the C8 Corvette’s Side View Mirrors is Not Like the Other


[PICS] One of the C8 Corvette's Side View Mirrors is Not Like the Other

We caught this little design quirk while at the East Coast Reveal of the 2020 Corvette Stingray at Kerbeck and now thanks to the help of a tape measure, we have the proof!

If you stand directly behind or in front of the car, you will notice that the passenger side mirror sticks out a bit further than the driver’s side mirror.

That’s due to the drivers seating position as well as the height of the rear fenders. To get a look around those rear haunches, the passenger side mirror has to stick out a bit further. What surprised us was that its a full two-inches longer than the mount that holds the driver’s side mirror.

[PICS] One of the C8 Corvette's Side View Mirrors is Not Like the Other

[PICS] One of the C8 Corvette's Side View Mirrors is Not Like the Other

We know this isn’t exactly Earth-shattering news, but it’s one of those things that once seen, it cannot be unseen. Plus, when you point out this little tidbit to your friends, you’ll feel like a C8 expert!

Photos by Jeremy Welborn

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  1. I’m surprised that this seems to be surprising to you guys. Virtually every car manufactured is like this. The passenger side mirror is usually always further out and higher up than the driver side.

  2. This is not new within the car industry….

    It’s all a question of perspective…

    The BMWs 3 series over the years since the late 80s have had side mirrors that are not symmetric of each other…

    You guys are kind of late in the game…

  3. Odd but not as ODD as putting the seat crooked in the M3 because that’s the only way it would fit.

  4. Hello, any idea of the average price above MSRP the dealers are going to be adding on ? Thanks

  5. The features they are touting were on CADILLAC 7 years ago. I was told that these safety features could not be put on a car this low. I was also told the c7 would be manufactured along with the c8. And some dealers told me the paper book was replaced by on line line information 10 years ago.

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