[VIDEO] Watch this Vintage Corvette Racer Pass 12 Cars on Opening Lap of Rolex Pre-Reunion at Monterey


[VIDEO] Watch this Vintage Corvette Racer Pass 12 Cars on Opening Lap of Rolex Pre-Reunion at Monterey

Okay, this guy is my new hero!

Watch 18.5 minutes of thrilling racing action as you go on-board this classic C2 Corvette Sting Ray Racer at the Rolex Pre-Reunion at Monterey last weekend. This footage comes from Saturday’s B Production race.

According to the video’s description, the race car was suffering from overheating and a throwout bearing which finally gave way on the last lap on the final straight.

Just watch the opening lap and you’ll be hooked as this vintage roadster passes 12 cars. The way he was working that steering wheel to keep the car straight throughout the race was also pretty impressive.

As the driver heads into to the final lap, he encounters some slower traffic and manages to pass them but by the final turn, the car was done. Our driver puts his hand up to signal and he backs off the throttle as the car rolls across the finish line with coolant spraying from under the hood.

From Kyle Kelley on YouTube:

Saturday race B Production Corvette at the Rolex Pre Historic’s in Monterey CA 8-10-19. Car was suffering from overheating and throwout bearing failure. throwout bearing failed on last lap on final straight away.

Kyle Kelley – YouTube

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  1. I can’t find the video.
    I’ve been to the Monterey Historics a few times, and most of them do not push their cars to the point of damaging them, and I don’t blame them.

  2. Incredible driving!!!!! This guy woiuld have given Dave McDonald and Dick Guldstrand a run for their money, back in the day!!!! If hd hadn’t had the mechanical failure, he would have passed those two Sting Rays…..heluva driver and must have been running a TRACO motor……strong engine!!!

  3. The car is mostly stock with a built original 327 with straight plug heads it makes 420hp. The guys in the back arent that competitive but the top 5 or 6 want the win. We had the car repaired and its on its way back to Monterey. We missed the first season so we had to start from the rear

  4. This driver should go pro, fantastic job driving, this is raw road racing with NO computer stability control help, hats off!

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