[PICS] C8 Corvette Rendered as a Front Engine Model


[PICS] C8 Corvette Rendered as a Front Engine Model

Photo Credit: @J.B.Cars / Instagram

For the last few years we’ve seen plenty of C8 renderings that were created from starting with the C7 Corvette and its front-engine layout. Now that the C8 Corvette is here, an enterprising artist named J.B.Cars used the new mid-engine sports car to imagine what a C8 front-engine Corvette might look like.

While the C8 Corvette looks like a brand new car with some resemblance to the previous generation sports car, this front-engine C8 looks like a C7 that may have received a mid-cycle upgrade instead of it being able to stand on its own.

The front fascia looks at home on the front-engine rendering, which is influenced by the cooling work the Corvette Team did when developing the C7 ZR1. The other major change for the C8 was the rear fascia and again, we can totally see the new design works. The curved rear-end design would be a radical departure from previous generations where the rear fascia was tall and flat across.

This was a fun project to review, and we know that had the Corvette Designers designed a next-generation front-engine model, it would have also been more of a departure from the C7 than what we see here.

For a long time did that rumor persist about front-engine C7s and rear-engine C8 models being sold together, but now that the C8 Corvette is here, we can see how it totally makes the C7 Corvette look dated. Just as the C7 Stingray did to the C6 Corvettes in 2014.

That’s not a bad thing though. Each new model is expected to be far and way better than the previous generation. It just feels like Chevy really hit this one out of the park with the mid-engine C8.

Have any thoughts on this C8 front-engine Corvette rendering? Let us know in the comments below!

@J.B.Cars / Instagram via Yahoo

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  1. Interesting study; even more interesting are some of the original C8 design studies. I am curious to know if any of the lessons learned/DNA from the Cadillac Cien concept made its way onto the C8…maybe we will see a Cadillac XLR return as an ME?

    Either way, I cannot wait to get into a C8!

  2. This is so interesting. The C8 Corvette really should have been a front engine car. It looks much prettier that way. Nevertheless, I am fascinated by the new C8!

  3. I’m happy they went with the more exotic mid-engine look. The front engine renders, is too much of an evolutionary look of the current C7.

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