Saturday Morning Corvette Comic: Fighting in the Service Lane


Saturday Morning Corvette Comic: Fighting in the Service Lane

Sometimes Corvette owners think their dealer service technicians work for them exclusively. Imagine the horror at showing up to the dealership and your favorite Corvette mechanic is working on someone else’s Corvette.

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  1. I was THAT Vette tech back in the early 70’s at a GM dealer in MI. Customer drove into write up area, asked for the Vette specialist (aka me) to not only work on his prized possession White with Saddle leather 70′ Corvette, but that I also personally drive it to my work area, as he didn’t want anyone else behind the wheel. The C3 had the typical loose tilt column. Ok, no problem.
    Well, long story short – after repairing the pivot/pin issue I noticed some normal wear scratches around the key cylinder I thought I would touch up with saddle interior paint (in a quart can) from the body shop for 100% perfect job. 🙂
    While the paint was air drying I saw another tech pushing a non runner outside so as we always helped each other I went out to help push too. In the meantime the porter/custodian came around with his trash dolly, hit the partially open quart of paint that flew up and splashed ALL OVER and INSIDE this customers car…. including but not limited to the true spoke wire wheels, tire treads, seats, carpet, you name it!
    An “emergency” call was made to the body shop crew and other techs – and you never saw a detail job equalivant to a NASCAR pit crew completely take the car back to “pre-accident” condition in your life! Actually by the time we were done it looked even better then before. All this while the customer was sitting in the waiting room patiently reading his car magazine.
    Did we say anything to the customer you ask?…. I know I didn’t! I’m sure if I met him today we could possibly discuss this and have a good laugh… right?

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