[VIDEO] Wife Surprises Husband on Father’s Day with a Brand New Corvette Stingray


[VIDEO] Wife Surprises Husband on Father's Day with a Brand New Corvette Stingray

Check out this video of the ultimate Father’s Day gift, if Dad just happens to be a Corvette fanatic.

Watch as this woman definitely earns “Wife of the Year (Century?)” honors with her surprise present for her husband last Sunday.

“My husband is the Protective Dad from the Protective Dad Pranks videos,” she explains, “and today I’m going to surprise him – not a prank video, just a huge surprise.”

She explains that the reason for her gift is that her husband has sacrificed so much for our country serving as a military veteran and during the 9/11 attacks.

“I just feel that he deserves this,” she says.

[VIDEO] Wife Surprises Husband on Father's Day with a Brand New Corvette Stingray

With the help of their daughter, the family gets the ultimate “non-prank” on the ultimate prankster.

We see the daughter driving her dad home after treating him to a nice meal, “but Mom has another surprise for you,” she warns.

“But you have to wear this,” she says, holding up a blindfold.

“I ain’t puttin’ that on,” Dad says.

“Yes, you are.”

“Last time I did that you pranked me.”

“You’re puttin’ it on. You’re stubborn.”

“If you prank me, it’s over with.”

[VIDEO] Wife Surprises Husband on Father's Day with a Brand New Corvette Stingray

Finally, Dad agrees to wear the blindfold after more back-and-forth arguing, and father-daughter arrive at the end of their driveway.

He staggers up the drive and his wife walks over to greet him.

“Be a good boy,” she jokes as he continues to warn against being pranked. “Now before you take the blindfold off, remember what you always said you dreamed of?”

“Yeah,” he says, hesitatingly.

“OK, all our marriage all I’ve heard is the one thing … the ultimate gift. Remember?”

He hops around excitedly.

“OK, take your blindfold off.”

And there it is, a 2019 Torch Red Corvette coupe, HIS 2019 Torch Red Corvette, sitting right in front of him.

“What in the hell?!?” he exclaims. “Did you rent it?”

“No. No, it’s yours,” she says handing him the key fob.

“No, it’s not.”

“Yes, you deserve it!”

He wipes a tear, still convinced it’s got to be rented.

She finally convinces him it’s his by taking him around the car to the glove compartment and showing him the paperwork.

“It’s brand new!” he says upon noticing the window sticker still in place.

He falls to his knees, begins crying, hugs her, says thank you as he continues to sob, and then kisses her.

“This is unreal.”

[VIDEO] Wife Surprises Husband on Father's Day with a Brand New Corvette Stingray

He opens the door, climbs in and exclaims, “Oh my gosh, it smells so good!”

Firing up the engine for the first time, he revs it up loudly.

“So, Dad, what do you think?” his daughter asks.

“I don’t even know what to think! It’s not like it’s materialistic, but when you’re a little boy and you dream about something like this…” pointing to the car and whirling his body around, “she’s definitely the greatest wife in the whole town!”

Of course, ever the prankster, Dad then notes that “this opens up another whole world of prank videos!”

We expect to see this Corvette in future videos.

Protective Dad Pranks / YouTube

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  1. Before he took off the mask, she should have placed a diecast Corvette model in his hand while in front of the car…

  2. Wow, best damn vid I have seen. What a lucky SOB!! What a wife! Even made me choke up watching. Friggen awesome, enjoy the hell out of it!!! And she’s a hottie to boot, damn some people have all the luck.

  3. Before he took off the blindfold he had his hands in the down position as if he knew what was in front of him. Most people would have their hands out to block them from hitting something unknown in front of them.

  4. So this is me… I’m the protective dad in this video. I want to thank you for covering this. You did a phenomenal job and write up. Still gives me goosebumps just walking in the garage!

    ~Protective Dad (Pranks)

  5. Colleen… Really??? You know what I was thinking…. you’re are suddenly a “body language expert” ?.

    No actually that would be me for 11-years of my 23-year military career teaching POW resistance training to Air Force Pilots.

    Sad… I feel really sorry for people like you. There is always someone out there who can’t just see a good thing for what it is and be happy for others. Try spreading a little joy. You might actually like your life better… ??‍♂️

  6. Congrats Steve. I still get goosebumps when I walk out to the garage & see my ’76. And I bought mine new! You’re going to feel the same thing forever brother…..

    And Colleen……….Get a life…

  7. Oh, I am very happy for you. I can’t imagine pulling off the blindfolded and seeing a shiny red corvette that has been your dream car right in front of you. I commented because it looked rehearsed. And even then, I should not have commented. Should have just enjoyed the video. Your wife is amazing and want to wish you a happy Father’s Day. I am on my 10th corvette and it is with corvette pride that I ask you to forgive me for posting that. Enjoy that beauty! And welcome to Corvette Heaven. Ride with Pride!

  8. Thanks Dan! Part of my emotion was based on the memory of when I was eight years old. Ironically my dad had a 1976 Corvette Stingray as well. It made an impact on me. So to have part of your life come full circle was overwhelming. I’m just a blessed man and don’t take it for granted. Love my Stingray!

  9. Man, I knew we had a connection somehow….weird! Back in ’70 I got a ride in a ’63 split-window coupe that was my impact moment. I was 12, & I got a paper route & started saving. When I was 18 in ’76 I had $3k towards my dream, which left me only about $5k short! But my Dad trusted me enough to get a loan in his name & I ordered my baby. I also feel like a blessed guy too, especially since I’ve been lucky enough to have my childhood dream now for over 43 years. Welcome to the brotherhood Steve. And when you see another Vette always wave!

    And Colleen……you’re cool…!

  10. Dan… made my day reading this. Not sure if you or anyone else is on Instagram. But love to connect.

    User Name: Protective_Dad_Pranks

    Hope to talk soon!

  11. Well Steve….unfortunately since I’m an old guy who doesn’t do Instagram/Facebook/Twitter or even own a cell phone yet, you might say I still REALLY like 1976, I can’t connect there. But you sure can shoot me an E-mail. One thing I failed to mention about how lucky we are……….OUR WIVES! The only reason I met mine way back in ’79 was the Corvette…..

    [email protected]

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