Corvette Owners Offer Up These Great Reviews on MGP Caliper Covers


Corvette Owners Give These Great Reviews on MGP Caliper Covers

One of the ways we like to refer to the Corvette is that it’s a canvas for the owner to customize their way. We get that not every mod is for everyone, but we do like to hear from owners who are passionate about a certain product.

We’ve previously introduced MGP Caliper Covers as a sponsor of CorvetteBlogger with a blog post about how easy it is to change your Corvette’s appearance with various colors of Caliper covers available and you can even customize the text on the covers themselves. But this time around we wanted to hear from customers who have installed MGP Caliper Covers on their Vettes.

The following are actual customer testimonials:

Loving My MGP Caliper Covers On My 2018 Corvette Stingray

I have purchased the red MGP caliper covers for several of my cars including: 2011 Camaro / 2008 Corvette / 2014 SLK250 / 2015 GLK350 SUV and now my brand new 2018 Corvette! They REALLY add a nice focal point to each of the cars! I attend various car shows and everyone compliments just how nice they make the car(s)! SO much better looking than painting your calipers. I’d highly recommend you buy MGP caliper covers for your car. They have a variety of different colors and engraving also. Hope you order your set very soon. Very easy to install – takes roughly an hour and you are done! Just be sure to follow the instructions. On my 2018 Corvette I DID require 3mm wheel spacers and MGP very quickly shipped those to me so I could install them. Hope this encourages you to order YOUR sets today!

2018 Corvette

2018 Corvette with MGP Caliper Covers

Caliper Covers For My Corvette

The caliper covers I bought for my c6 Corvette are excellent I can’t believe how much of the brake dust they keep off my wheels and they look great also . I’ve received many compliments on how they look on the car.

Mark S.
C6 Corvette

C6 Corvette with MGP Caliper Covers

Complimented on my Caliper Covers

I have the MGP Caliper Covers on my 1993 Corvette, my 2003 Corvette and my 2017 GMC Z71 truck and they look great and I get a lot of compliments on them.. They are also very easy to install!

Brian E.
2003 Corvette

2003 Corvette with MGP Caliper Covers

If you’re looking for a low-cost way to update the curb appeal of your Corvette, check out the MGP Caliper Covers product line-up at!

Caliper Covers are available for all C4 and C5 Corvettes, the C6 Coupe/Convertible, Grand Sport and Z06, and for C7, they are available for Stingrays and Grand Sports.

Hit the website and you’ll be able to see what a set of MGP Caliper Covers can look like on your Corvette as well as the customization options available.

MGP Caliper Covers are made in the USA and come backed by a three-year warranty.

MGP Caliper Covers

MGP Caliper Covers Offer a Stylist Look Behind Your Corvette’s Wheels
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  1. Pretty cool the first car you show is identical to my 08′ C6 in Jet Stream Blue Tint Coat. Just not sure about the need for covers, I get a lot of comments on the color and very few on the brakes. Sometimes people will notice the drilled and slotted rotors but it’s mostly the paint. Regardless, all cars shown here are beautiful examples of Americas one and only true sports car/legend.

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