STUDY: Corvette is One of the Top Vehicles Mentioned on Instagram


Corvette One of the Top Vehicles Mentioned on Instagram

Photo Credit: @Corvetteblogger

If the Corvette is supposed to be an “old man’s car,” then why did it recently rank seventh on the list of the most Instagrammed cars in the world?

I don’t know a lot of old men who use Instagram on a regular basis, so in our eyes, that means a lot of young folks who use Instagram also like Corvettes.

Indeed, the Corvette – under #Corvette and #vette – was mentioned 3,963,740 times, just behind its brother, the Camaro, that finished sixth with 4,686,9689 hashtag mentions under #chevycamaro and #camaro.

It was all part of a survey by the online Veygo Magazine, who examined which vehicles get the most love on Instagram. They combined the two most popular hashtags for each vehicle still in production to come up with the total number of mentions. Some hashtags with multiple meanings were eliminated because they gave conflicting results, such as golf.

All that research ultimately determined the #1 car on Instagram is the Ford Mustang, and by a wide margin, with nearly 12 million mentions at #fordmustang and #mustang.

In second place was the Honda Civic at 7,402,365 mentions at #hondacivic and #civic.

Rounding out the top 10 were the Nissan GT-R in third with 7.0 million mentions, BMW M3 in fourth with 5.8 million mentions, Jeep Wrangler in fifth with 5.1 million mentions, BMW M4 in eighth with 3.4 million mentions, Lamborghini Aventador in ninth with 3.1 million mentions, and Audi R8 in 10th with 2.9 million. Another Chevy, the Silverado pickup, was 13th with 2.3 million mentions.

Maybe all this love on Instagram shows there are a lot of younger folks who love the Corvette and perhaps that could bode well for the upcoming C8 mid-engine set to be revealed 7-18-19.

Veygo Magazine via GM Authority

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