[VIDEO] Corvette Owner Creates Memorable ‘Love Letter to Driving’ With His C6 Z06


[VIDEO] Corvette Owner Creates Memorable 'Love Letter to Driving' with his C6 Z06

Over the years, I can’t remember seeing many TV commercials for Corvettes, other than the very creative one that was banned a few years back by the social police because it might encourage small children to steal Corvettes and soar recklessly through the air in them.

Hopefully that lack of Corvette advertising will be stopped in the next few months when the C8 mid-engine Corvette finally makes its formal appearance to the world.

But in the meantime, we at least have an outstanding video by a Corvette Forum member named Patrick Kalyn that fills in quite nicely. In fact, Forum writer Cameron Aubernon praises it as “the best Corvette ad GM never made.”

And we’d have to agree.

From the opening moments when a blue C6 Z06 comes into the image, roaring around a curve with the sun rising (or setting?) over a beautiful lake enveloped by mountains, the viewer is pulled into a world made lovelier because of the dreams of a few men back in the early 1950s at a company named Chevrolet.

[VIDEO] Corvette Owner Creates Memorable 'Love Letter to Driving' With His C6 Z06

“Love what you do, love the grand design, the orchestral sounds of our creations,” narrator Jay Martens says, with the guttural sounds of the Z06 exhaust serenading the listener.

“Those that came before us who mastered their art left their path to follow,” he continues. “Leave your mark on this world as they have. Those moments are what connect us all.”

Kalyn then squeals out in his Z06, burning rubber as he leaves circles on the pavement in his Corvette.

As the Corvette zooms off on a mountain road, the camera pulling back to show the beautiful scenery, we are left with the words “Ardor Amour – A love letter to driving.”

“Ardor amour is defined as an intense, passionate love affair,” says Kalyn in the video’s description. “This is my love letter to driving and a tribute to doing what you love.”

Take a look and see if your enthusiasm for Corvettes doesn’t increase to even greater levels after watching this well-done video, too.

Vimeo via CorvetteForum.com

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