How Does the C8 Mid-Engine Corvette’s Size Compare to the C7 Corvette?


How Does the C8 Mid-Engine Corvette's Size Compare to the C7 Corvette?

As the Chevrolet Corvette prepares to transition from a front-engine to a rear mid-engine configuration, many enthusiasts have been wondering how the size of the C8 Corvette will compare to that of the C7. Lucky for us, our friends FVS and the MidEngineCorvetteForum are taking a closer look at this very subject!

One of the hallmarks of the Corvette’s design going back to 1968 has been a very long front nose and a cabin that seats the passengers just in front of the rear wheels. The C8 completely flips this layout with a short nose and a longer rear deck.

Designers like FVS and Chazcron have used the actual spy photos of the C8 to create their renders so that the proportions and stance are pretty accurate to what we’ll see once the new Corvette is revealed.

FVS says the following about this simple animation showing the transformation of the C7 to the C8 body styles:

This animation is based on the wheel size and intended to show the size and scale once again. Note that the wheelbase seems VERY close and the height of the roof, beltline and grill are near identical.

Whereas the C7 cockpit appears further back, on the C8 you can see the passenger compartment is in the dead center of the car. The C7 and C8 appear similar in length with the C8 maybe just a little longer than the C7’s 177-inches, but in this comparison, the C7 does appear slighty taller than the C8.

It’s a pretty cool comparison and one that I would like to see FVS expand on a little more, perhaps showing the C8 behind the C7 and maybe even a front or rear view of the two generations side-by-side.


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