Corvettes for Sale: Driver-Quality 1969 Corvette on ‘Bring A Trailer’


Corvettes for Sale: Driver Quality 1969 Corvette on Bring A Trailer

If you’re looking for a museum-quality piece, this 1969 Corvette coupe up for sale on Bring a Trailer isn’t for you.

But if you want a T-top time machine from the “groovy” ’60s that you can actually drive and enjoy, this car might be just for you, especially if the bids and the reserve stay reasonable when the auction ends in five days.

Right now, the current bid is $10,000.

While this Tucson, Arizona car isn’t perfect, it does come with the bonus of having had the same owner for the past 35 years so you can also accurately trace back much of its history.

Corvettes for Sale: Driver Quality 1969 Corvette on Bring A Trailer

For instance, we know the car is an older restoration, having been refurbished from 2001-03 at Delong Body Shop in Mendota, Illinois, when the original Riverside Gold paint was replaced with the current burgundy, the 15-inch Rallye wheels were refinished, the chrome trimwork was redone, and the window and door seals were replaced. The saddle interior had already been upgraded to leather except for the headrests prior to the seller’s purchase but remains in good condition. The carpet was replaced in 2003 and is still covered by Corvette-branded floor mats.

In 1993, the 350/300 engine was rebuilt to run on unleaded fuel by a shop in Illinois. We’re not told if the Muncie 4-speed manual transmission has been redone, but we do know other mechanical work over the past several years includes a replacement Rochester MV4 4-barrel carburetor in 1991, a new cooling system and a stainless steel exhaust system in 2003, a new fuel pump and suspension work (new lower and upper ball joints and control arm bushings, sway bar bushings, and all shocks) in 2016, and a tune-up and fluid changes in September 2018, along with a battery disconnect for storage.

Corvettes for Sale: Driver Quality 1969 Corvette on Bring A Trailer

While the car appears to be in overall good condition based on photos and the information provided by the seller, it does need some minor attention in certain areas. For instance, the passenger door doesn’t open from the outside, the air conditioning works but needs refrigerant, the emergency brake trim is cracked, and the ignition switch doesn’t go into the lock position – typical problems when you’re dealing with a half-century-old car.

If you’re into documentation, this car comes with plenty of records dating back to when the current owner bought it in 1983. The car has 84,000 miles showing on the five-digit odometer, so that can be taken with a grain of salt. However, we are told the seller has driven the car about 40,000 miles in the past 35 years.

You’ll also get a custom car cover as well as an Arizona title in the seller’s name.

Corvettes for Sale: Driver Quality 1969 Corvette on Bring A Trailer


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  1. I have always wanted one , but since being on disability at the age of 45 this dream will never happen , so if I was to be so lucky to get one , I’d baby the car and be so blessed that I would give one of my cars I have now to a person in need of one
    … Always been a dream of mine .

  2. That was my dream car 20 years ago, but now they have become too expensive for me and I guess that they will continue to rise in the price. However, if I find one that needs some restoration for a low price, I will probably purchase it! Dream on 😀

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