[VIDEO] Mike Yager’s Induction Video for the 2018 Corvette Hall of Fame


[VIDEO] Mike Yager's Induction Video for the 2018 Corvette Hall of Fame

Photo Credits: Mid America Motorworks

Over the Labor Day weekend at the National Corvette Museum’s 24th Anniversary Celebration, the newest members of the Corvette Hall of Fame were inducted. Our friend Mike Yager of Mid America Motorworks received the ultimate honor in the Enthusiast category after 40 years of serving the Corvette hobby and promoting the Corvette brand with a passion that few could ever match.

During the Hall of Fame ceremony, the NCM shares a special induction video which provides a biographical look at the inductee’s life with Corvettes. For his video, Mike shares stories about growing up in a family of nine kids, seeing his first Corvette and how he started a catalog company in the passenger seat of a 1967 Corvette.

[VIDEO] Mike Yager's Induction Video for the 2018 Corvette Hall of Fame

We also learn how influential Mike was in the hobby with him being one of the earliest supporters of the National Corvette Museum, creating his customer appreciation event known as Corvette Funfest, and his promotional efforts in the creation of the annual “Drive Your Corvette to Work Day” as well as the 1953 Corvette US Postage Stamp.

During his 40-year “obsession” with the Chevrolet Corvette, Mike has had the opportunity to own some significant models over the years and his MY Garage collection was named one of the top 50 car collections in the USA. Helping to celebrate his induction in Bowling Green was a special car from that collection, a 1996 Corvette that was the last C4 produced.

[VIDEO] Mike Yager's Induction Video for the 2018 Corvette Hall of Fame

CorvetteBlogger wishes a hearty congratulations to Mike Yager! We look forward to seeing your new banner in the Corvette Hall of Fame during our next visit to the National Corvette Museum.

Mike Yager’s 2018 Corvette Hall of Fame Induction Video

As a Corvette Enthusiast, Mike Yager has an impressive resume. Not only did he start Mid America Motorworks taking it from the passenger seat of his Corvette to a thriving business on 170 acres, but he started a Corvette club that grew to 200 members, served in the NCCC, served on the Museum board and ultimately became the Chairman, started one of the premiere annual Corvette events called Funfest, sponsored Corvette racing teams, led the effort to have the Corvette honored on a postage stamp, instituted the National Drive your Corvette to Work Day, built a number of interesting Corvette collections that included some of the most important Corvettes there are (including the last C4), enhancing the Corvette experience for countless others along the way.

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