The Corvette Assembly Plant May Be Building Some Mid-Engine Corvettes Today


The Corvette Assembly Plant May Be Building Some Mid-Engine Corvettes Today

It has been a very busy week for Mid-Engine Corvette News, but hang on because we aren’t done yet!

A post over at the has clued us in on something special that may be happening today at the Corvette assembly plant in Bowling Green.

When the Bowling Green Assembly Plant added the new paint shop and manifold buildings, many assumed that it would contain a separate assembly line for the Mid-Engine Corvettes. But after the renovations to the plant’s main assembly line last year, it’s become clear that workers could assemble several different vehicles (C7s, C8s, and even the rumored Cadillac MEs) on the main assembly line as the appropriate parts are delivered to the workers as the cars arrive at each station.

According to some well-placed sources, the Mid-Engine Corvette’s Integration Development Team, which is split with half of the staff in Warren, MI and the other half at the assembly plant are gathering at the plant today to assemble a number of mid-engine Corvettes on the same assembly line as the current C7s. In fact, the MEs will be bookended by C7s as they work down the line. Currently, the assembly line is running 10-hour days from Monday-Thursday so only the team leaders and key staff will be one hand for these special builds. Most of the plant’s workers have the day off and will not be in to witness the MEs being built.

The Corvette Assembly Plant May Be Building Some Mid-Engine Corvettes Today

These Mid-Engine Corvettes are non-saleable IVERS which stands for Integrated Vehicle Engineering Research, and they allow the various component design engineers to test and verify that their parts properly fit the cars during the assembly process. The Corvette team built around 85 IVERS during the C7’s development and they were done in several different batches as the parts were improved from prototypes to production-ready.

According to the post at the, several dates were targeted earlier this year for building the Mid-Engine Corvette IVERS at Bowling Green Assembly. One of those dates was last month, July 13th (also a Friday), and it has been confirmed through a second source that they did indeed build some MEs on that date. The next date for ME assembly was said to be August 10th so if all goes according to plan, the Integration Development Team will be building some new ME Corvettes today!

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