[VIDEO] Automotive Forecaster Predicts C8 Corvette Production will Start in September 2019


[VIDEO] Automotive Forecaster Predicts C8 Corvette Production will Start in September 2019

Here’s a video from Autoline Daily that’s been out for over a month now but is just starting to gain traction in various Corvette publications. The report comes from AutoForecast Solutions that suggests the new C8 Corvette will begin production in September 2019 for the 2020 model year.

Here’s the statement from the Autoline Daily video:

We just learned from AutoForecast Solutions that production of the current C7 will end in August of 2019 at which time GM’s Bowling Green, KY. plant will make the switchover to the next generation Corvette in September [2019].

The dates do seem to align with the timeline of having the car make its debut at the Detroit Auto Show in January and production ramping up later in the year. In fact, the production timeline was basically the same for the C7 Corvette when it was unveiled in January 2013.

The big question on everybody’s mind has been whether or not Chevrolet will continue with C7 production as the C8 begins to be built. I can tell you that it appears to us that that C7 may indeed be going away based on recent comments from Mark Reuss who said back in April that the C7 is finished, and this report from AutoForecast Solutions is basically telling us the same thing: C7 production is coming to an end.

There’s not much to the video other than what was stated above, but you can see it for yourself at the 5:20 mark:

Autoline Daily / YouTube

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