[VIDEO] Talking Corvette Insurance with the NCM Insurance Agency


[VIDEO] Talking Corvette Insurance with the NCM Insurance Agency

Are you a fan of the insurance agency protecting your Corvette? I know there is no one I trust more for protecting my Corvette against loss, damage or theft than the NCM Insurance Agency. I’ve described our NCM policy for my 1966 Corvette as better insurance at a better price than traditional policies and we also like that fact that commissions go directly to the National Corvette Museum!

We met up with Rick and Sam who were manning the insurance agency’s booth during the 2018 Corvettes at Carlisle and had the opportunity to talk about classic car insurance and how it’s different than the classic car policies from competing companies.

Sometimes the unthinkable may happen and you need to file a claim. The underwriters for NCM Insurance Agency utilize experienced car guys as claims adjusters and will work to get you back on the road. Rick reminds us that it’s not just fender-benders or accidents when it comes to insurance claims. Older cars may have a greater risk of fire due to old wiring harnesses or a worn rubber fuel lines so prevention is also discussed.

You owe it to yourself to see how much you can save with the NCM Insurance Agency. If you have a collectible or classic car (not just Vettes), get your free quote today. Plus, the NCM Insurance Agency offers track day insurance for HPDEs so if have an upcoming track date, make sure your Corvette is protected from moments like this.

For more about the NCM Insurance Agency, visit www.NCMinsurance.com or call 1-877-678-7626.

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