Couple Married Over 51 Years Relive Youth with Substitute 1963 Corvette Split Window


Couple Married Over 51 Years Relive Youth with Substitute 1963 Corvette Split Window

As Corvettes are more than just a car to many owners, it’s no surprise to hear the stories of those who once owned a Corvette in their younger days but then had to sell it. While many go on, for some there is a real sense of loss that the owner didn’t realize they would someday feel. For some former owners, that means trying to find their old Corvette with the goal to buy it back and be reunited with an icon from their youth once again.

While many are successful in their searches for their old Corvettes, sometimes locating that specific car is difficult if not impossible, and so those former owners then look to find the best possible substitute to cure their Corvette blues. This is one of those stories…

Josh Palmer sells Corvettes for a living at Mershon’s World of Cars in Springfield, Ohio and he just sold a 1963 Corvette Sting Ray Split-Window Coupe to a couple who had recently celebrated their 51st wedding anniversary. The local couple, Jeff and Charlotte, had once owned a 1963 Sebring Silver Coupe with Red interior and that was the car that Jeff wooed Charlotte with before they were married.

After attempting to locate Jeff’s previous split-window coupe, they decided to move on and find the best possible substitute, which of course, was another 1963 Corvette in Sebring Silver with Red interior. Josh reports that the happy couple took delivery of the car earlier this month.

Couple Married Over 51 Years Relive Dream with Substitute 1963 Corvette Split Window

It’s a good Corvette story so I’ll let Josh tell it in his words:

I (Josh Palmer) love selling Corvettes. Though I’ve always had a passion for the cars, it’s the people that really make this job so special.

I first met Jeff and Charlotte about 3 years ago. They live just a little over an hour away from here (Mershon’s World of Cars) on the outskirts of Columbus. The first time I met them, Jeff asked if I might be able to help him track down the exact Sebring Silver with Red Interior 1963 Corvette Split Window Coupe he owned 53 years ago. I knew it would be a long shot, but with the vin number, there was a chance. They returned home later that day and Jeff promptly called me with his old vin. Needless to say I was impressed by the fact that he was able to dig it up so quickly after all of those years. Crossing my fingers, I called upon my trusty friend ‘Google’ with hope that a registry, advertisement, or something along those lines would populate the results… Unfortunately that wasn’t the case. My new mission was to find him a suitable replacement.

Even to this day, Jeff admits with a smile and loving gaze toward his wife that he bought the Corvette for the girls. When I asked Charlotte if his car had anything to do with her saying ‘yes’ to their first date, she responded with a smile and said “maybe a little.” Jeff said not long after they started dating he decided to sell the car… and to keep Charlotte (he jokes).

Fast forward to present day, Jeff and Charlotte have been happily married for over 51 years! After seeing and speaking with them a few times a year, I was finally able to call Jeff with some good news – I came across a Sebring Silver 63 Split Window with Red interior. It wasn’t the exact car he owned 53 years ago, but aside from the vin number, it was the one!

Here’s a photo from this week, March 2017, when they took delivery and are reunited 53 years later! I personally delivered the car to their home and the memory of their excitement is something I will never forgot! I’d like to wish them many more happy years together and many more first dates relived in their new (old) Corvette! I am honored to have been part of the process! – Josh Palmer

Couple Married Over 51 Years Relive Dream with Substitue 1963 Corvette Split Window

Thanks again for the inspirational story Josh. I’m also glad to hear that Jeff and Charlotte are driving a Corvette today instead of dreaming of the Corvette that they used to drive all those years ago. If there is any moral to this story, that would be it.

If you have a similar goal to be driving the Corvette of your dreams, give our friend Josh Palmer from Mershon’s World of Cars a call at 937-207-0117 or visit his website at


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