[ACCIDENT] Texas Corvette Driver is Killed After Tree Falls on Car


Texas Corvette Driver is Killed After Tree Falls on Car

Photo Credit: fox4news.com

A well-known former baseball coach in McKinney, Texas was killed instantly Thursday night when a large tree snapped off and landed on top of his C6 Corvette.

Authorities say Anthony Rex, 53, was inside the Corvette in the parking lot of the privately owned Zinger Bat Ballpark in McKinney, near Highway 380 and US Route 75, when the accident happened.

Texas Department of Public Safety Lt. Lonny Haschel said troopers are investigating the death and aren’t sure what caused the tree to break, though there were severe storms in the area last night.

Shannon Murray of Fox4 News reported that she was told Rex was a former coach who was at the park to either drop off or pick up his son from practice.

“He was just well liked by everybody,” Glenn Stephenson, who knew the victim, told Fox 4. “He was just very popular in the community, did so much for the kids. I’m still in shock – it hasn’t really set in yet. I just had to drive out here this morning and, you know, try to understand it.”

Firefighters worked for hours last night using a chainsaw to cut the tree and lift it off the Corvette, but sadly their efforts were not enough to save the driver of the car.


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