Corvette Fan Can’t Go to the Car Show So the Car Show Comes to Him


Corvette Fan Can't Go to Car Show So the Car Show Comes to Him

A fall may have put a Fargo, North Dakota man in the intensive care unit for a time and then forced him to stay home while he continues to recover.

But that nasty fall still couldn’t keep a man identified solely as Jim in news reports from enjoying one of the passions of his life – an antique car show Saturday afternoon.

His wife, Carol, says he hadn’t missed a car show in 25 years, and Jim’s record is still intact, thanks to the many good-hearted participants who were kind enough to bring the car show to him!

“He couldn’t go to the show so we brought it to him,” said Jim’s granddaughter, Kayla.

A photo taken at Jim’s home shows the gray-haired man from behind as he sat in a chair watching as a yellow Corvette and other collector cars paraded past.

“Pretty, pretty excited,” Jim said.

“This makes him so happy,” Carol said. “We needed this happiness and this lift-me-up in our lives right now.”

Corvette Fan Can't Go to Car Show So the Car Show Comes to Him

While Jim has received medical treatment, his family and friends were there for him emotionally Saturday afternoon as he continues his recovery. Some of the inspirational comments heard during the parade of cars past his home included the following:

“Love you grandpa.”

“Don’t take tomorrow for granted because there might not be a tomorrow. Appreciate what you have today,” Carol said.

“More Corvettes, more Corvettes.”

“I didn’t expect almost a hundred and something cars at all,” Kayla said.

“Good to see you, Jim.”

“Grandpa, Northern Lights Car Club wanted to give you a patch,” Kayla said. “They gave you your own patch.”

It was a fitting finale for a day Jim and his family will never forget.

“There are no words but thank you from the bottom of our hearts,” Carol said.

Click over to to see the video about Jim shown on their local news.

Corvette Fan Can't Go to Car Show So the Car Show Comes to Him


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