Owners File Another Class-Action Lawsuit Over the Corvette Z06’s Overheating Limp Mode ‘Defect’


Owners File Another Class-Action Lawsuit over the Corvette Z06's Overheating Limp Mode 'Defect'

A fourth class-action lawsuit filed Tuesday adds more states and claims to the legal action that concludes the 2015-17 Corvette Z06 is “anything but ready for the track.”

The first lawsuit was filed in July 2017, and the most recent suit adds 11 states to the action made against General Motors, including owners in Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Kansas, Michigan, Missouri, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina and Texas.

Attorneys for the law firms Hagens Berman, Grossman Roth Yaffa Cohen, the Miller Law Firm, and Schuler Halvorsen Weisser Zoller Overbeck claim that a defective cooling system renders the power of many Z06s “drastically reduced,” sending them into limp mode after only 15 minutes of driving on the track and sometimes even on public roads.

“Instead of building a car that could live up to the hype it created, GM chose to pour its resources into an onslaught of deceptive marketing, touting to would-be buyers that the Corvette Z06 had ‘track-proven structure and technologies,'” said Steve Berman, managing partner of Hagens Berman. “What Z06 owners received from GM – a car that peters out after 15 minutes of track driving – is anything but ready for the track. To add insult to injury, when notified about the Z06 cooling system defect, GM chose to ignore the issue altogether.”

The new lawsuit includes claims by multiple Z06 owners, including one from South Carolina who says he paid $120,000 for his car yet experiences the limp mode defect “every time he goes to the track,” despite having the Z06’s special suspension, steering, brakes, and software settings, including a head-up tachometer display used for racing.

Another plaintiff’s Z06 has overheated all three times it’s been used on a track, and yet another says despite having $2,000 worth of upgrades installed by his dealership, his car still overheats. “The last time he took it to the track after the upgrade, he only made it twice around the track before the vehicle overheated,” the suit says.

Furthermore, the suit makes allegations that GM is not honoring its warranty, saying “When Plaintiff and the other Class members purchased or leased their Z06s, GM expressly warranted in writing that the Z06s were covered by a Limited Warranty and that the Limited Warranty formed the basis of the bargain. GM expressly warranted that at ‘no charge’ it will repair ‘any vehicle defect.’ GM breached its warranty obligations by selling inherently defective Z06s.” The suit adds that GM was also obligated to pay for or reimburse Z06 owners for costs of purchasing aftermarket coolers and other costs associated with bringing their Z06s to dealerships for “futile repair efforts.”

The class-action lawsuit seeks monetary damages for a proposed nationwide class of people who purchased or leased the affected Z06s, along with injunctive relief for GM’s misconduct related to the design, manufacture, marketing, sale, and lease of affected cars.


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  1. When watching the recent video of lap at VIR in the Z06 with the flashed magnetic ride suspension dealer upgrade ($350), it flashed through my mind about how long might it take until it went into “limp mode”. At least the C7Rs don’t have that problem – a fix was found for those.
    With 13 radiators, maybe the beautiful ZR1 will not have that problem!

  2. Do we have any clue whether GM has taken substantive corrective action on later ’18 and ’19 model Z06 vehicles? I can’t find anything online even addressing the question.

  3. I wonder how many of the affected z06’s are automatics? I’ve heard they are more likely to have the limp issue due to overheating. I have a manual 15 Z06 with no issues thus far. Driven in several GT track events and wanna go fast events.

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