Leaked Options List Reveals Two New Colors for 2019 Corvettes


Leaked Options List Reveals Two New Colors for 2019 Corvettes

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Looks like the 2019 Corvette’s options list has leaked in advance of the 2019 Corvette Order Guide’s release on November 20th. The options look to come from a dealer’s order system and were posted by our friends at the Corvette Action Center.

The list of options only shows those for the 2019 Corvette Stingray, Grand Sport, and Z06, but not the ZR1. That might be indicative that the 2019 ZR1 will not immediately start production with the other models when 2019 model year production begins the week of January 29th. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Leaked Options List Shows Two New Colors for 2019 Corvette

Within the option checkboxes, we see the Corvette’s exterior color choices expand from 10 to 12 with the addition of new colors. The names present in the list of options show the internal GM names for the various colors and not the ones we know. Here are the returning colors for 2019:

  • G1E – Long Beach Red (Limited Addiction Red)
  • G26 – Sebring Orange (High Voltage)
  • G7Q – Watkins Glen Gray (Son of a Gun Gray)
  • G8G – Arctic White
  • G9F – Ceramic Matrix Gray (Genesis Metallic)
  • GAN – Blade Silver (Switchblade Silver)
  • GBA – Black
  • GC6 – Corvette Racing Yellow (Yell-O)
  • GKZ – Torch Red
  • GTR – Admiral Blue (Opulent Blue)

The new exterior colors are shown to be:

  • GJI – Dark Shadow Metallic (626D)
  • GS7 – Rhythm & Blue Metallic (625D)

We have no insight as two what these two new colors will look like. The Corvette team likes to look back to previous Corvette colors so perhaps they decided to resurrect two colors that were related to previous ZR1s (ZR-1s).

If that’s the case, I’d guess that Dark Shadow Metallic would closely resemble 2009’s Cyber Gray. It was the top-selling color for the C6 ZR1’s inaugural year. Could Rhythm & Blue Metallic be a throwback to the C4 ZR1’s Quasar Blue? Or maybe the lighter Steel Blue Metallic, which for some reason I remember Harlan Charles being a fan of that color. Both offer a nice alternative to Admiral Blue which returns for its fourth model year.

Cyber Gray Corvette ZR1 Quasar Blue Corvette Steel Blue Metallic Corvette

Here’s one other item that is being pointed out thanks to the release of the Car and Driver magazine. The side mirrors on the ZR1 have turn signal indicators built in. Let’s hope those are rolled out to the entire line-up!

Leaked Options List Shows Two New Colors for 2019 Corvette

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  1. I thought that 18 would be the last year for the C7, I thought that was for all the reason for the re-tooling for the C8, so are the C7’s going to be continued in start up in Jan. Confused!!

  2. While obviously not the same color, they are both a dark gray, so it would be hard for me to imagine Chevy having both Watkins Glen Gray metallic and Cyber Gray metallic at the same time.

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