Chevrolet to Start 2019 Corvette Production In January


Chevrolet to Start 2019 Corvette Production in January

Wow! Talk about a blockbuster couple of days in the Corvette world!

First we had yesterday’s lunch outing to a McDonalds in Cadillac, MI by the development team in their camouflaged mid-engine C8 Corvettes.

Now we’ve learned that Chevrolet is planning on ending 2018 Corvette production early and will start 2019 Corvette model year production on January 29, 2018.

The news comes directly from Chevrolet, who communicated this information to their dealers in this week’s order consensus email.

The announcement stresses that no major changes coming to 2019 and that all models, colors and options (except for the 2018’s Carbon 65 Edition) are being carried over from the 2018 Corvette model year. Just to make sure everyone knows exactly what will be available on the 2019 models, Chevrolet will be releasing the new 2019 Order Guide on November 20th.

The email also included how Chevrolet will be restarting the Bowling Green Assembly Plant. They haven’t provided an actual date for the plant restart so we are still going on early November.

As production resumes, the Assembly Plant will start building Corvettes in these four colors: Corvette Racing Yellow, Black, Torch Red and Arctic White. As they ramp up production, they will begin adding Admiral Blue, Blade Silver, Watkins Glen Gray, Long Beach Red, Sebring Orange and Cyber Matrix Gray.

Carbon 65 production will also restart and there are less than 100 available allocations available for the 2018 anniversary model.

Key Dates for 2018-2019 Corvette Production

The 2018 Corvette Model Year

  • Unallocated sold orders cut off on October 27th.
  • Assembly Plant restarts ’18 production on November 6th
  • Final Orders for 2018 is November 16th.
  • Last week of 2018 production is January 22nd.

2019 Corvette Model Year

  • Order Guide released on November 20th
  • Orders picked up on November 30th
  • Start of Production is January 29th

How will this early intro change anything for the NCM Bash? Probably not much other than we’ll have the 2019 ZR1 to look at! Maybe even customer ZR1s will be there? We can only hope! It’s been our contention that Chevrolet would be starting production of the ZR1 sometime in the early spring of 2018, but we kept hearing “No, it’s going to be a 2019 model.” So it’s safe to say now that the ZR1 will be a 2019 model, and my guess is we are going to hear more about it very, very soon.

GM has confirmed the news through the National Corvette Museum. Along with the info provided above, GM says that planned 2018 production should be about 9,700 units, making it one of the smallest production years in Corvette’s sixty-five-year history.


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  1. This might make sense since the ZR1 would need to be a new model year and maybe the fact the car is done and they don’t want to wait until July/Aug to start building them.

  2. What?.. I don’t get it. I have a 2018 Stingray on order and the dealer said don’t expect to get it tell December.. Than a month latter in January the 2019 comes out, so do I take the 2018 or wait a month and get a 2019?.

  3. Get the 2019. In your two months of ownership of your 2018, it will have aged one year, production wise..

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