[VIDEO] Chevrolet Teases Corvette ZR1 Reveal on November 12th


[VIDEO] Chevrolet Teases Corvette ZR1 Reveal on November 12th

It’s been an eventful 24 hours here at CorvetteBlogger! Shake the trees and look what drops! Oranges! Or in this case, a Sebring Orange 750-hp Corvette ZR1!

After our article yesterday on the Corvette ZR1 being revealed in Dubai, and the subsequent drop of the Car and Driver issue with the ZR1 on the cover, Chevrolet has now teased the reveal for the Corvette ZR1 on the official Corvette facebook page.

Here’s the teaser:

Based on the Dubai invite we shared yesterday, the reveal of the Corvette ZR1 should happen sometime between 10am and 1:30 pm EST with the reveal probably around 11:00 am EST, but that’s just my guess from being at these kind of events. And with Chevrolet now actively teasing the ZR1s reveal, we should be able to view the event as it happens.

Corvette / Facebook

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  1. Seriously, whoever produced this teaser video has not seen the Dodge Demon videos. C’mon Corvette people, get some young blood in your marketing department. This teaser video makes me want to go out into my garage and rev the nuts out of my Z06, make a better video and claim it’s a ZR1; which would sound better than that garbage audio clip.

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