[VIDEO] Ron Fellows and Corvette Racing’s Pit Crew Demonstration at RaceFest


[VIDEO] Ron Fellows and Corvette Racing's Pit Crew Demonstration at RaceFest

Corvette Racing’s C7.Rs are in Canada (eh!) this week for the Mobil 1 SportsCar Grand Prix at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park. On Wednesday, CTMP featured a live video on Facebook showing Ron Fellows and the No. 4 Corvette C7.R participating in a practice pit-stop demonstration.

The race team was at a Canadian Tire store in Bomanville, Ontario on Wednesday afternoon and performed the demonstrations as part of the Canadian Tire Motorsport Park RaceFest celebration.

As the CMTP cameras rolled, a light-hearted moment (or possible sabotage?) came as the C7.R started its pit stop, one of the compressed air tanks was shut off causing a tire gun to not work. That of course resulted in a really long timed stop that is uncharacteristic of the Pratt & Miller crew. Luckily, we got a mulligan and Ron roared forward once again in the C7.R and the crew performed the tire change flawlessly.

Here’s a video from the event and watch until the end for Dan Bink’s mea culpa on the gun issue:

Canadian Tire Motorsport Park / Facebook

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  1. I am NOT criticising the length of time, I just don’t understand why this seems a bit long for a Pit Stop? In NASCAR it is not uncommon to see 9 second range in Pit Stops, not the same Pit Crew and not everytime but they use a Jackman and have 5 Lugs per wheel! This Vette has all four corner Jacks and only a Center Lug (not sure what it is called) on each wheel! I would think they could do much faster Pit Stops! Please someone clarify why this takes 10+ seconds which is a fairly normal Pit Stop in NASCAR! I am really at a loss on the reasoning of this length of time! Are there less men on the Pit Crew?

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