[VIDEO] GoPro Video of Track Crash Refutes Corvette Owner’s Insurance Claim


[VIDEO] GoPro Video of Track Crash Refutes Corvette Owner's Insurance Claim

Cameras seem to be everywhere these days.

A C7 Corvette owner knows that firsthand now.

According to PropertyCasualty360.com, a GoPro video posted on YouTube shows Robert Atlas losing control, crashing – and ultimately totaling – his Arctic White Corvette into a concrete barrier during a drag racing event on Oct. 10, 2015 at Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park.

Unfortunately, Atlas apparently realized his policy didn’t cover any damage caused during drag racing so he made up a story and told Geico Insurance instead that he had crashed his Stingray while leaving I-10 at Wild Horse Pass in Chandler, Ariz.

GEICO ultimately paid out $61,465 to settle the claim.

That’s where the Go-Pro camera came into play. GEICO officials saw the video on YouTube of the real way the crash went down and confronted Atlas with the new evidence. He confessed to making the false claim, and on Jan. 25, 2017 pleaded guilty to insurance fraud.

[VIDEO] GoPro Video of Track Crash Refutes Corvette Owner's Insurance Claim

The Arizona Department of Insurance Fraud Unit investigated the case, which was prosecuted by the Arizona Attorney General’s Office.

A plea agreement required Atlas to repay the entire amount back to GEICO before sentencing, and he then received two years supervised probation and will have to pay $1,560 in court costs.

The moral of this story is first to make sure you don’t do anything like drag racing in your Corvette, unless you know for sure your insurance company will cover any damage during such an event, and second, if you do destroy your car in such a non-covered way, it’s best not to lie about it because these days you’re likely to be found out because there will probably be video evidence of it somewhere!

Just a reminder that if you are going to track your Corvette, our friends at NCM Insurance offer track insurance.


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